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Nikkei Chronicles #12—Growing Up Nikkei: Connecting with Our Heritage

Jinsei no aki (Autumn of Life)


It’s the Year of the Rabbit and in October I will be 60 years old. My Okinawan grandparents would say I’m going to celebreate my tushibi1, it’s my year and it should be done according to our customs. It’s a different kind of year. Lately I read that from 60 …

Julieta Fonte Iha, a Cuban Nikkei


Modernity shortens distances, information is just a click away, we can strengthen bonds of friendship with people from anywhere in the world through virtual means. A few years ago I received a friend request on Facebook from a certain Julio Iha, I was surprised to see that he was Cuban, …

Nikkei Chronicles #11—Itadakimasu 3! Nikkei Food, Family, and Community

Nantu, the Mochi of Uchina


As Nikkei, we have inherited a culture that our ancestors brought from Japan. My grandparents, who emigrated from Okinawa, have seen some of their customs adapted to our country. Meanwhile, other customs have been preserved to the letter, even when they’ve been forgotten in their place of origin as if …

Sata Andagi


I don't know when you came into my life, I just know that now you are part of it, of my culture, of my roots, of my memories, of being Nikkei, of something very important: “being Uchinanchu 1 ”. When I see you, sometimes you are a flower, other times …

Isabel Kamiya, the first technician in electronics, radio and television


When I started this chat interview with Isabel Kamiya, she told me the story of her family. I collected all the data, which was too much, so I decided to make a separate article about it. Everything revolved around her family and in the end I would do one about …

We inherit moral values, even properties, but also diseases, we are so sweet


I start this publication with what Isabel Kamiya told me, who wanted it for the title, but I had to cut it: “we inherit dignity, decency, honor, even property, but also illnesses from our parents. “We are very sweet brothers.” This article has everything to prevent it from being read: …

Kizuna 2020: Nikkei Kindness and Solidarity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ronald Arteta Miyashiro — Latin Generation


In this quarantine, inactivity makes us seek to see other things that can distract us, to get away from all this news that saturates us and depresses us. Although it is true that it is very important to be informed, the only thing that excess information does is create more …

Sashimi or ceviche


We are Nikkei, our roots come from a distant place in the east, which is Okinawa in Japan, from there our grandparents came, in search of a better future for their family, to this beautiful country that became our homeland, our Peru . Like all immigrants, it is most likely …

Some circumstances of being Nikkei in Peru


The emigrant of Japanese origin and his descendants are called “nikkeis”. In my case, my ojí (grandfather) and obá (grandmother) on my mom and dad's side came from Japan, their children (my parents), their grandchildren (us) and the other descendants are Nikkeis. The story is common to all of us, …

Nikkei Chronicles #8—Nikkei Heroes: Trailblazers, Role Models, and Inspirations

A short history of Japanese immigration


April 3, 2019 is a very important date for us, we celebrate 120 years of Japanese Immigration to Peru, during this time immigrants crossed the Pacific who made a common history of these two nations. There are many important stories that represent it, they are well known to everyone, but …

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Mi nombre es Roberto Oshiro Teruya, soy Ingeniero Electrónico de profesión, pero me dedico al comercio,vivo en Lima, Perú. Mis abuelos vinieron de okinawa. Mi interés es averiguar sobre mis raíces.


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