Crônicas Nikkeis #10—Gerações Nikkeis: Conectando Famílias e Comunidades

Bem-vindo(a) à 10ª edição das Crônicas Nikkeis! Gerações Nikkeis: Conectando Famílias e Comunidades abrange as relações intergeracionais nas comunidades nikkeis em todo o mundo, tendo como foco especial as emergentes gerações mais jovens de nikkeis e o tipo de conexão que eles têm (ou não têm) com as suas raízes e as gerações mais velhas. No decorrer deste processo, esperamos obter uma visão mais aprofundada sobre a evolução das comunidades nikkeis ao redor do mundo.

Como são as relações entre as gerações na sua comunidade? O que mudou e o que continua o mesmo? De que forma os nikkeis mais jovens se envolvem com a sua comunidade? Como será o futuro da sua comunidade nikkei? Que tipos de legados você quer deixar para a sua comunidade? Aceitamos histórias pessoais, memórias, entrevistas/perguntas e respostas, ensaios, trabalhos de pesquisa e críticas. 

O prazo para o envio de textos vai de 1º de maio às 22h00 (horário de Brasília) de 30 de setembro de 2021.

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Yoru no kangaegoto | Night Thoughts

Jyā mata raishū ne!” 

“See you later!”

The Zoom call ends, and I finally head to bed.

Another long day has passed for the both of us. Meetings, deadlines, teaching. Otsukare sama

As I lie on my bed, staring into the dark abyss above, I reflect on how the day went, and the things I need to prepare for tomorrow.

How did we get here? By here, I mean co-founding Japanese for Nikkei and trying to advocate the importance of creating Nikkei spaces for language learners to thrive. For so long, I’ve been trying to run in …

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Fishing with Dad

My first recollection of catching a fish was when my dad took me to the San Joaquin River, just below the massive 544-foot-tall Friant Dam, which is located 20 miles east of Fresno. For a 12-year-old, fishing was boring since I had yet to catch a fish. But Dad taught me how to tie a hook, to bait the hook with salmon eggs, how to cast out the line, and to be patient. So, he sat me down under the concrete bridge over the river as he wandered around the bend of the river where he could find a spot. …

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What Nobody Can Take Away

My Nisei mother was an attractive woman but she wasn’t materialistic. In fact, she was almost fervently anti-materialistic. She would spend money on stylish clothes only when she absolutely had to, for instance, to look her best for an upcoming family wedding. And I don’t think she ever bought a single piece of jewelry for herself. Anything really nice that she owned was given to her either by her family or other relatives. And even then she wouldn’t allow herself the full pleasure of wearing or using those items. For her birthday once, I had an elegant blouse custom made …

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Our Old Family Albums

Since my mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer dementia and her passing, I have been looking through some old family albums with pictures glued onto the pages or fitted inside photo corners. I was amazed to see so many baby photos of myself with Mom, Grandmother, and my cousins, but only a few of Dad. No one ever talked about Dad to me. He was just a ghost in my family album.

My eyes happened to focus on a page without pictures, just four black photo corners and other pages with pictures of people that I did not recognize. I wanted to …

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