Evacuated to the Jungle

Life in Davao, Philippines Kindergarten in Davao, Philippines Evacuated to the Jungle Captured by Guerillas after bombing of Pearl Harbor Family was shipped back to Japan after the war Attitudes toward Hikiagesha Move to Los Angeles First Impressions of the US Life in the Philippines Unique Identity from Having Multiple Backgrounds On Nikkei Identity Returning to the Philippines

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The war became much more intense, so we had to escape into the jungle. And the jungle was very dark and – hardly any sun, maybe a spot here and there – so – and mother became very ill with the typhoid and malaria, and then the newborn baby, so I just became seven, and I was the only caregiver to mother and – my brother. So by the – six months, father was working to help the – settle the place, so I don’t know where he was. We – he was not there all the time, and once in a while, he would come and visit like in the middle of the night.

And the jungle life was not very easy – a lot of people died. But we were fortunately – it was all civilians, so the US Army did not attack, they just watched outside of the jungle, and we were lucky to survive. But a lot died of disease and malnourishment during the six months’ time. But, miraculously, my brother was only two months old, but he was able to survive. And we survived as well, so we were very fortunate.

Data: July 12, 2017
Localização Geográfica: California, US
Interviewer: Mitsue Watanabe, Yoko Nishimura, Leighton Okada
Contributed by: Watase Media Arts Center, Japanese American National Museum

jungle Philippines world war II

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