Barbara Nishimoto

Barbara Nishimoto nació en Chicago y creció en los suburbios del oeste. Sus padres fueron criados en el Valle de San Joaquín y fueron internados en Rohwer, Arkansas. Barbara vive ahora en Nashville, Tennessee.

Última actualización en septiembre de 2012

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Crónicas Nikkei #4—La Familia Nikkei: Memorias, Tradiciones, y Valores


In my family we told stories; we reminisced. During and after meals. Sitting in the living room all together for no particular reason. Because we were all so tightly bound together there was no need for a beginning, middle, and end. One of us would utter a single sentence, a phrase. That was enough. It was a cue. “Oh, I remember.” We would smile and nod, and like a chorus replay together the memory. The stories were always about one of us or all of us. Sometimes there was a lesson. Sometimes a character flaw revealed. But the endings were never grim. We always laughed. Lighthearte…

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Waking slowly

Waking slowly. I can still remember the exquisitely warm feeling of waking up at home in my bed upstairs. The sounds floated up from the kitchen and gradually I began to distinguish the voices of my mother and father and older sister, Connie. It was a murmur accompanied by the clatter of pots, the hiss of water, the dull thud of the thick wooden cutting board being set upon the counter. New Year’s. The preparation for New Year’s started days in advance. In fact our tradition for Christmas was to order Chinese food from a Cantonese restaurant 30 miles away in the city so that my p…

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Crónicas Nikkei #1 — ¡ITADAKIMASU! Sabores de La Cultura Nikkei


¿De dónde eres? ¿En dónde aprendiste a hablar inglés? ¿Comes comida normal? ¿Comida americana? Gran parte de mi vida he vivido en comunidades en donde hay pocos asiáticos, ni qué decir de los sansei. Años atrás, compañeros de clase, extraños, preguntarían las inevitables interrogaciones. Para ellos ser americano japonés significaba ser japonés. Más tarde, con el aumento en popularidad de la cultura y cocina japonesas, las interacciones cambiaron un poco. En vez de ser ent…

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