"Voces Nima": Episodio 6—Christine Piper


12月8日夜7時(太平洋標準時)/12月9日(木)• 12 p.m. (日本標準時)にディスカバーニッケイのYouTubeチャンネルFacebookでライブ配信します。ぜひご視聴ください!


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Topaz Utah

Pictures of Topaz Relocation Camp from past and present day.


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Comunidad Nima-kai

Únete a la comunidad global nikkei donde nuestro Nima se conecta y comparte! Nuestra comunidad Nima Kai está formada por personas alrededor del mundo que se interesan en aprender cómo compartir la experiencia Nikkei. Encuentra alguno de nuestros Nima:

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Nima del Mes

Kotaro71 (São Paulo, Brazil)

Antonio Kotaro Hayata is a Nisei, originally from São Paulo, Brazil, who now works in Japan in the finance industry and also as a legal translator and interpreter.

He recently joined Discover Nikkei as a volunteer writer and translator. He submitted an article for the Nikkei Generations series and translated an article about artist Kenzi Shiokava into Portuguese.

We look forward to working with him more in the future!

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