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Tsukayama, seasoning runs in the family

Milagros Tsukayama ShinzatoAsociación Peruano Japonesa

Choko Tsukayama is 78 years old and has extensive experience in Nikkei cuisine, the kind that was born in inns and family businesses and that he learned by watching. YouTubers have made their stuffed potato viral and several restaurants in Lima serve their soba and ramen noodles. And if we …

Nikkei Chronicles #9—More Than a Game: Nikkei Sports

Marisa Matsuda: a Nikkei icon for softball

Javier García Wong-KitAsociación Peruano Japonesa

Marisa Matsuda Matayoshi might be famous for her humility, but in the baseball and softball training camp, two sister sports, at the AELU club in Lima, there is no one who doesn't know her. Everyone greets her as if she were living in a permanent celebration for her last two …

Nikkei Chronicles #9—More Than a Game: Nikkei Sports

The world of Marcela Castillo Tokumori

Enrique Higa SakudaAsociación Peruano Japonesa

2019 is the second best year of Marcela Castillo Tokumori's sports career. At the Pan American Games in Lima he won the silver medal in the poomsae modality in taekwondo. If the Games became a great national holiday, it was thanks to people like her. His best year was 2016. …

Lima Nikkei

Yuri Sakata GonzálesAsociación Peruano Japonesa

My first surname (unpronounceable for some call center workers) has always raised a series of questions (some very strange and funny) that I have been able to answer and respond to with greater solvency as I grew and got to know myself. Are you from China? Why do you have …

Five young Nikkei artists share experiences

Enrique Higa SakudaAsociación Peruano Japonesa

“ Komorebi ” means “sunlight filtering through the leaves of trees.” It was the word chosen by five Nikkei artists—Sachiko Kobayashi, Meche Tomotaki, Tamie Tokuda, Daniela Tokashiki and Nori Kobayashi—to title a group exhibition at the Peruvian Japanese Cultural Center in which they addressed their ethnic identity and their relationship …

Nikkei cookbook shines in Spain

Javier García Wong-KitAsociación Peruano Japonesa

María José García Miró had been fascinated by Nikkei cuisine since she lived in Lima and she loved visiting these restaurants frequently. When he went to Europe, his interest continued, especially when he discovered that many Peruvian restaurants offered Nikkei preparations. For the young graphic designer and chef, that was …

Young Nikkei Cooker

Warike Nikkei: a popular secret

Javier García Wong-KitAsociación Peruano Japonesa

Cooking has something of a mystery when it surprises with peculiar recipes that seek to be inimitable. Although their objective is to reach a large audience, in Peru huariques have become famous, those simple restaurants that have achieved mastery in a dish for which people visit them even if they …

Harumi Suenaga's journey to the roots

Enrique Higa SakudaAsociación Peruano Japonesa

Andean Japanese cultural syncretism. Broad horizons opened up for Harumi Suenaga García when two years ago she decided to choose a path in which the exploration of her ethnic origins and art converged. It was 2017, he was studying at the Diego Quispe Tito University, in Cusco, in the last …

Diana Okuma: “Doing Nikkei has helped me find my way”

Marjorie Reymundo Conde Asociación Peruano Japonesa

Last year, the illustrator Diana Okuma Oshiro won the third call for editorial projects organized by the APJ Editorial Fund for her series “Memories of Japanese Immigration,” and she did so with a graphic proposal: a book composed of illustrations and very brief. Nikkei portrays various situations, from those he …

Japan from a distance: dekasegi phenomenon, 30 years later

Enrique Higa SakudaAsociación Peruano Japonesa

Today, terms like “crisis”, “terrorism” or “inflation” seem like foreign words that refer to a reality that has nothing to do with that of Peru. 30 years ago, however, those three words defined the country we were. From that country, at the end of the 1980s, thousands of Nikkei began …

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La Asociación Peruano Japonesa es una institución sin fines de lucro fundada en 1917, que congrega y representa a la comunidad nikkei del Perú. Tiene su sede en el Centro Cultural Peruano Japonés, en Jesús María, Lima.

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