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Click the photo to view the featured article “Nantu, the Mochi of Uchina” by Roberto Oshiro Teruya. It is a Editorial Commttee's favorite story from Nikkei Chronicles #11—Itadakimasu 3! Nikkei Food, Family, and Community.

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Nima-kai Hinamatsuri Traditions

March 3rd is celebrated annually in Japan and in Nikkei communities around the world as Hinamatsuri (Girl’s Day). Literally translated as “doll festival,” families with young daughters celebrate this event by displaying hina-ningyo , special dolls for the occasion. There are also special foods associated with Hinamatsuri such as hishimochi …


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TWWrites (Maine, United States)

Taylor Wilson is a volunteer writer for Discover Nikkei. She has always enjoyed the culture of Japan from a young age, starting with interests in Japanese game series, anime, and manga. Over the years, her appreciation and interest in Japan and its rich culture has expanded. Her additional interests include reading a wide variety of books, writing, cooking, and learning about many different topics.

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