What Is Nikkei Food?

What differentiates “Nikkei food” from “Japanese food”? Join us for the second, virtual, multilingual program on February 26 at 3pm (PST)! This time, the topic will be Nikkei food. The program includes a presentation, followed by breakout group discussions about this topic with others from around the world.

This program is FREE, but registration is required. For more information >>

*Photo: Pork buns from Bao? restaurant in Peru. Courtsy of Javier García Wong-kit

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JASC Japanese American Sevice Committe of Chicago's Mural Project

The Community Mural Project began with workshops in January 2007 as part of the Japanese American Service Committee's 60th Anniversary Celebration. The project honors the legacy of the Japanese Americans who resettled in Chicago during and after World War II. The painting shows the migration of Japanese Americans and their …


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Nima-kai Community

Join the Discover Nikkei global community, where our Nima connect and share! Our Nima-kai community includes people around the world interested in learning about and sharing the Nikkei experience. Meet some of our Nima:

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Nima of the Month

norio (California, United States)

Norio Umezu Hall is a transmasculine Yonsei parent, with a father who immigrated from Japan. He writes for a national non-profit and loves writing, watching films, reading stories, spending time with his family, and stargazing.

Norio became a volunteer writer for Discover Nikkei in August 2021. We look forward to working with him more in 2022!

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