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China Dolls by Lisa See


Fans of best-selling author Lisa See will not be surprised by her diverse background, the source of the unique perspective readers inevitably find in each of her novels.

Naomi Hirahara’s Murder on Bamboo Lane


Devoted readers of the Naomi Hirahara’s mystery novels might be dismayed to learn that her recently published book, Murder on Bamboo Lane, is not another installation of the Mas Arai series. However, despite their fondness for their beloved curmudgeon and reluctant detective, readers will find themselves quickly won over by …

"Today’s Thought" by Norman H. Osumi


Imagine the overwhelming task of writing a book about your personal hero, mentor—and father. Imagine wanting to write this book despite having no previous writing experience. While this goal may seem impossible to most, Norman H. Osumi’s book, Today’s Thought: Rev. Paul Osumi: The Man and His Message, is the …

Gone to the Forest - Katie Kitamura


Three years after the release of her first novel, The Longshot, Katie Kitamura is drawing praise once again for her second novel, Gone to the Forest. Although a relatively new name in the literary world, the author has garnered acclaim from an eclectic group of reviewers. Both of her books …

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Naomi Hirahara – Strawberry Yellow


Fans of Naomi Hirahara should prepare to turn off their cell phones and curl up in their favorite reading chair. Their most beloved detective, Mas Arai, will put his investigative skills to work once again in Hirahara’s newest novel, Strawberry Yellow.

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Kapoho: Memoir of a Modern Pompeii - Frances H. Kakugawa


Mount Vesuvius, Krakatoa, Mount St. Helens—these are the names that come to mind when most of us think of volcanoes. In her most recent book, Kapoho, Memoir of a Modern Pompeii, Frances Kakugawa makes readers outside of Hawaii aware of another volcano—Kilauea—and shares her recollections of Kapoho, Hawaii, the place …

Bridge of Scarlet Leaves


In her second published novel, Bridge of Scarlet Leaves, Kristina McMorris displays her incredible talents as both a writer and historian. The author introduces readers to Maddie Kern, an accomplished violinist with aspirations of studying at Julliard. When Maddie falls in love with and eventually marries Lane Moritomo, a Japanese …

How to Be an American Housewife


Readers may not know what to expect from a novel titled How to Be an American Housewife. Is it actually a novel or a guidebook for American homemakers?

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Hanafuda Hawaii: Helen Nakano Brings Generations Together


One look at the website,, makes it evident that Helen Nakano is an ambassador with a grand vision in mind. “The mission of Hanafuda Hawaii is to bring generations a little closer.” During plantation times, she explained, families throughout the islands played Hanafuda. Today, however, ways for the young …

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Maneki Neko: The Tale of the Beckoning Cat


Anyone who has been in a Japanese gift store has probably seen the adorable beckoning cat called Maneki Neko with its wide eyes and raised, waving paw. Many look upon these statues as loveable collectibles without ever being aware of the legend behind the iconic cats and why they are …

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