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Page 36 scanned from the final issue of GIDRA (April 1974).


- “Toward Barefoot Journalism” (continued from page 35) by Mike Murase reflecting on Gidra’s 5-year life and the decision to suspend publication.

- Photos:

  1) Demonstration against Hayakawa at Disneyland (April, 1969) by M. Murase

  2) Van Troi Anti-Imperialist Youth Brigade at the Nisei Week parade burning the militarist “rising sun” flag (August, 1972) by A. Ohashi

  3) Gidra Staff members working on the paper by C. Watanabe

Gidra was a monthly publication that called itself the “voice of the Asian American movement.” Founded by University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) students in April 1969, the magazine took a radically progressive political position, providing information about the movement not found elsewhere in the mainstream media. The magazine eventually moved off campus, operating out of a series of offices in the Crenshaw area until its last issue went to press in April 1974.

Gift of Janice Diane Tanaka, Japanese American National Museum (90.8.1)

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