Shochiku Grand Kabuki Chikamatsu-za in Cerritos, CA - June 21-24

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2005年6月21 2005年6月24

Cerritor Center for the Performing Arts
United States

The Grand Kabuki, Japan's most spectacular theater tradition, makes its triumphant return to Southern California for the first time in nearly a decade with the critically acclaimed Chikamatsu-za troupe. Named for Japan's foremost classical playwright, the 75-member troupe, headed by celebrated Living National Treasure Nakamura Ganjiro III, will present the classic masterpiece "Sonezaki Shinju" or "The Love Suicides at Sonezaki" paired with an elaborately costumed dance piece.

Kabuki is known as one of the world's greatest theatrical arts. It has captivated and inspired audiences for more than 350 years with its visual splendor. It is unique in its stunning portrayal of beautiful women by male onnagata actors. A full ensemble of singers, shamisen players and percussionists will provide exciting musical accompaniment.


A Program of Classical Favorites (Earphone Guides to provide English commentary timed to match the action on stage will be available for the performances):

June 21, 2005, 7:30pm - "Ayatsuri Sambaso" and "Sonezaki Shinju"

June 22, 23, 24, 2005, 8pm - "Sonezaki Shinju" and "Bo Shibari"

"Ayatsuri Sambaso", (Marionette Sambaso) - Starring Nakamura Kanjaku. Features a puppeteer and his marionette who become increasingly animated as the tempo increases.

"Sonezaki Shinju" (Love Suicides at Sonezaki) - Starring Nakamura Ganjiro III, Nakamura Kanjaku, Nakamura Kikaku. Recounts the plight of two lovers caught in a struggle between duty and personal desire, which ultimately leads to their deaths.

"Bo Shibari" - Starring Nakamura Kanjaku, Nakamura Kikaku. In spite of being "bound and tied to a pole" (Bo Shibari), two servants manage to get into their master's best sake, thoroughly amusing themselves with song and dance.


Presented by the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in association with Sammy Corporation. All performances at the Cerritor Center for the Performing Arts. Ticket Office 800.300.4345 or 562.916.8500. Tickets online:




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