Henrique Minatogawa

Henrique Minatogawa es un periodista y fotógrafo freelance brasileño de ascendencia japonesa de tercera generación. Los orígenes de su familia son de las prefecturas de Okinawa, Nagasaki y Nara. En el 2007, se le otorgó la beca Kenpi Kenshu en la prefectura de Nara. En Brasil, ha estado trabajando cubriendo eventos relacionados con la cultura japonesa. (Foto: Henrique Minatogawa)

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Celebration of International Nikkei Day in Brazil

International Nikkei Day is celebrated on June 20th. This year, due to the world situation, the celebrations took place in other formats.

In the city of São Paulo, the date was included in the official calendar of commemorative dates and events through Law 17.169/2019. According to the legal text, "with the objective of debating and encouraging the preservation of the tradition and cultural values of the Nikkei Society, so that it is possible to transmit the legacy of the pioneers of Japanese Immigration in Brazil."

The Brazilian Society of Japanese Culture and Social Assistance (Bunkyo), through the Projeto Geração (Generation Project), …

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Uchinaguchi classes preserves culture and reinforces Okinawa identity in Sao Paulo

Okinawa culture marks its presence in Sao Paulo city, Brazil, through activities and events organized by the local associations. Music, dance, and cooking are the main elements used to promote it.

These events usually attract many visitors, who gradually come into contact with words slightly different from the ones of the “Japanese language.” “Uchina”, “mensore,” and “goya” are words often heard or read in a typical event hosted by the Okinawa descendant community in Sao Paulo; they belong to "Uchinaguchi," which is, in general terms, the Okinawa dialect.

“I am Nisei. My parents knew little Japanese, let alone Portuguese; the …

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El camino a los Juegos Olímpicos

Nunca te rindas: Jessica Yamada

Para finales de julio del 2020, la atención del mundo se centrará en las Olimpiadas de Tokyo. Turistas de todo el mundo han estado planificando el viaje por meses, reservando tickets y hoteles. Sin embargo, un grupo de personas han estado preparándose por más tiempo:por meses, muchos años; quizás una vida entera. Ellos son los atletas.

El Comité Olímpico de Brasil estima que su delegación estará integrada por aproximadamente 250 atletas, quienes estarán compitiendo en las Olimpiadas de Tokyo.

“Los Juegos Olímpicos es un evento que se realiza únicamente cada cuatro años, con pocos …

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The work of two multicultural Nikkei tattoo artists

From about 10 years ago, tattoo has been gaining another status in Brazil. Previously, the common peception was that only gangsters had them. Today, people of various professions and backgrounds carry on the body what is increasingly accepted as a “work of art”.

“I won't deny that some people still look in a weird way. Society is evolving and understanding that it is an artistic matter. Talking with clients, I learn that some professions still do not view the tattoo positively. For example, doctors and nurses, often because of patients. The tabooish view, of prejudice, is more restricted to older …

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Little Changes in Family Celebrations

We know that many Japanese came to Brazil over 100 years ago. They brought their culture with them, which their descendants preserve, but at the same time, it has evolved over time. One part of this culture’s customs is the celebrations. So, I talked with two professionals who work in production and photography for celebrations and other events.

“I have always had, since childhood, a very big interest in sound and music. Encouraged by my mother, I attended cultural events at the Piedade kaikan [local association in Sao Paulo state], my hometown. When I started attending electronics technology school, I …

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