Jacob Laux

Jacob Laux was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and raised in Illinois. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree of professional writing from the University of Southern California. He currently resides in Little Tokyo.

Updated May 2021

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Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest VIII

If You Can See the Watchtower

It’s a shame to rush through these streets. With its cozy plazas and meandering pathways, its shop windows stocked with colors and flavors, its nooks and crannies inviting you to get lost in them, Little Tokyo is meant to be strolled through. But, of course, these are days for nothing but rushing when it comes to leaving my apartment. Rush downstairs--avoid the elevator lest you might share the cramped space with someone--run to where you’re headed, for groceries, for provisions. And rush back. Strolling is a luxury from a bygone era. I’m rushing back from the market, rush…

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