Chiharu Cohen

Moving to the US as a teen, Chiharu Cohen has held various odd jobs before becoming a graphic artist. She currently lives in New York.

Updated June 2021

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Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest VIII

Race Queen of Little Tokyo


May Tomita was embarrassed. Her dad is a Kibei gardener and would always pick her up in his beat up truck at Carson High School, with the lawnmower, edger and other dirty garden tools still in the truck bed. Compared to the Cadillacs and Buicks that parents drive to pick up their kids, her dad’s Ford Courier was a pile of heap that even junkyards would reject. She’d ignore the truck, walk past her father, as he drives alongside her. He yells in Japanese, “Get in the goddamn truck!”

But today May was really pissed. She saw her boyfriend …

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