2013 Nima del Mes

Nima son los miembros de nuestra comunidad Nima-kai de Discover Nikkei. Nuestros Nima del mes son los particpantes mas activos. Conozca más sobre ellos y que es lo que les gusta de Discover Nikkei.

enero 2013

DMo (Los Angeles, California, United States)

Darryl Mori (DMo) is a Sansei writer based in Los Angeles. He has written many articles for Discover Nikkei over the years, including two recent profiles of authors exploring World War II-era Nikkei history.

Writing for the web has enabled me to meet creative and interesting people from all walks of life. I have been so fortunate to learn something new from nearly everyone I interview. Each person becomes a kind of window, providing a new view into storytelling, culture, history, business, artistry, and other communities, present and past.

Read his articles >>

febrero 2013

fmpotter (California, United States)

Fiona Potter was a 2008 Discover Nikkei summer intern who still continues to volunteer for our project by transcribing interviews and writing articles.

My favorite thing about Discover Nikkei is the multiplicity of Nikkei voices it brings together, speaking to each other across time, place, culture, and language. I enjoy the spirit of community and collaboration that exists here. Over the past five years, Discover Nikkei has inspired me (in no particular order): to learn Portuguese (Eu não posso falar, mas eu posso ler um pouco!) and web programming; to think critically about images and texts; and to be an outspoken advocate for my community and my history. I cannot imagine where my life would be today without it.

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marzo 2013

tnimura (Washington, United States)

tnimura is a Seattle-based writer that joined our Nima-kai community last year. Her Itadakimasu! story was selected by our Editorial Committee as of their favorites and was translated into 4 languages!

When I was in college, I worried about being Japanese American “enough”—and I am actually half Filipina, as well. I wish I had been able to read a project like Discover Nikkei, because it continues to show me the kaleidoscopic identities of Japanese all over the world: so many of our shared and diverse conversations, as well as the effects of our heritage on our day-to-day living.

Read her articles >>

abril 2013

hmiya (São Paulo, Brazil)

hmiya joined our Nima-kai community at the beginning of this year and has started to share stories in both Japanese and Portuguese. We are posting his series called “Kagirinaku Tookatta Deai.”

[PT] Gosto do website DN por ser um local ideal para preservar os costumes, tradicoes e historias dos nossos ancestrais. Com o passar do tempo comecei a dar muito valor as nossas raizes e ao correto entendimento da jornada vivida pelos nossos pais, avos e bisavos. Acredito que isso nos ajuda a compreender melhor a historia da nossa humanidade. A troca de experiencias vividas pelos nikkeis nas diversas partes do mundo e uma rica fonte de conhecimento e sao fascinantes as licoes de vida contida nelas.

Leia seu artigo [JA, PT] >>

[JA] 私たちの先祖が永い時間をかけて蓄積した伝統、風俗、しきたりなどを保つのに、ディスカバー・ニッケイは、私たちに最も身近で有効なツールであると思います。私は時が過ぎるに従い、私たちの先祖がたどった様々な人生の妓路に深い興味を持つようになりました。それを知ることによって、私たちの歴史にたいしてより正しい認識を得ることが出来ると思うからです。世界のいろんな国々の日系人の方たちが辿ったそれぞれの人生路の体験を知ることは、最高なる源であり、DNを検索するたび、素晴らしい体験の喜びを満喫しています。

投稿記事を読む [JA, PT] >>

[EN] I’m highly appreciating the DN website as it’s an effective tool we have among us to preserve traditions, folklores, and many habits our ancestors accumulated since ancient ages. As time passes my concern about the many routes my ancestors traveled has deepened, and knowing about these things is helping me to get a more accurate understanding of our history. Experiences of various Nikkei from different countries that are spread worldwide are, for me, the best source of knowledge. I’m amused by fascinating experiences each time I access DN.

Read his stories [JA, PT] >>

mayo 2013

Art_Hansen (California, United States)

Art_Hansen has been helping to develop the Discover Nikkei website since the project started. He always gives us great scholarly advice, contributes his essays and presentations, and promotes the site to students and other researchers. Without his support and guidance, we would not have been able to gather many of the rich Nikkei resources that we have today.

Now that I am retired and functioning as an independent scholar, I place a premium on those websites about Nikkei history, society, and culture that are most comprehensive. Accordingly, what I most prize about Discover Nikkei is that its postings provide me with diverse, cutting-edge, relevant, and useful local-regional-national-global content and perspectives. I only wish that I could profit as much from those of DN's postings in Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese as I do from those in English, my sole language of competence.

Read his articles >>

junio 2013

Francesca (San Francisco, California, United States)

Francesca is a writer specializing in multicultural themes, art, politics, satire, comedy, and popular culture for newspapers, books, radio, the web, and television. She has been sharing her experience as a Japanese-Jewish American on Discover Nikkei since last year. We recently conducted a video interview with her that will be posted on Discover Nikkei in a few months.

[EN] As a writer and journalist, my mixed cultural background of Japanese and European ancestry has deeply inspired my creativity, imagination, and literary passion insofar as both the written and illustrative form. And through DiscoverNikkei.org, I have found a sense of belonging as a Japanese-Hapa artist due to its unyielding commitment to discovering and highlighting the experiences and viewpoints of Japanese culture in an enlightened and connective manner that fuels my creativity.

On some days, I am moved deeply by heartfelt stories and articles by other Nimas about their shared and varied Japanese cultural experiences. On other occasions, I become immersed with the interviews and photos from other Nima families, to whom I find an immediate cultural and even spiritual connection.

I am honored to be part of the Discover Nikkei community as it authentically contributes a diverse blend of information, literature, and academic insights that I have not had the privilege to enjoy elsewhere. And as a writer who elaborates on the theme of connection through cultural inclusion, this is a contribution that is absolutely invaluable.

Read her stories [EN] >>

julio 2013

Kintarosan (Ontario, Canada)

Kintarosan recently shared his personal account as a Japanese Canadian Nisei who was forced to go to an internment camp during WWII

I was initially introduced to Discover Nikkei by Norm Ibuki, and had the opportunity to read very educational stories of many Nikkei living in other countries. From my readings, I drew a parallel between the Japanese American and Canadian stories; however there was a huge variance. That being of the egregious treatment by the Canadian government was much more severe due to the aftermath of WW2 compared to the Americans. Bullying is not acceptable—we suffered immensely!

Regarding my 12 part series submitted for publication, I was very pleased with my first experience with DN. They were absolutely in tune and encouraged me all the way until completion in a very friendly manner which made me feel comfortable. I liked their insertion of photos alongside the stories which enhanced and added living depth to match the writings. When the topic of Bridge River Internment Camp came up they had inserted an aerial photo from archives beside my description of Bridge River! What a surprise as JC’s cameras were all confiscated at that time and we had not even seen such a photo until now. I now believe a picture is worth a thousand words. However, this pales in comparison with what’s in my memory bank! They even kidded me about “Kintarosan”, and have now become my official nickname. There’s much more I can say, but maybe next time. Getting to know them was half the fun. Thank you very much Discover Nikkei!

Read his 12-part story "The Evolution of A Canadian 'Enemy Alien'" >>

agosto 2013

JAHSSC (Torrance, California, United States)

JAHSSC has been a Nima since 2005. In addition to periodically sharing their event information, they organized a workshop for us to show other local organizations how to post their own events on Discover Nikkei. We’re also now in the process of sharing some stories from their journal Nanka Nikkei Voices. Later this month, a new story will be shared through DN!

[EN] The Discover Nikkei site is a great way to see what organizations are offering as community programs.

Here is one of their upcoming events >>

Read an article by Naomi Hirahara from a past issue of Nanka Nikkei Voices >>

septiembre 2013

SKH (California, United States)

SKH is a yonsei who loves Japan and its rich history. He was this year’s Discover Nikkei summer intern! He was with us for only 8 weeks, but he completed a lot of assignments, including the Rose Ochi video interview, writing articles, and creating a Nikkei Album.

[EN] It was a great privilege to have been able to contribute to such a wonderful website this summer and join the ranks of my fellow nima-kai members in preserving and promoting Nikkei history and heritage through such works including, but not limited to, articles, interviews, and photographs. The Discover Nikkei website presents a great opportunity for Nikkei persons from all over the world to share their stories and connect with the common thread of Japanese ancestry. This online forum is a noble and successful endeavor by the Japanese American National Museum and one that I am particularly fond of.

In addition, I am deeply humbled by the stories shared on Discover Nikkei and learn new lessons and stumble upon new ideas every day through the articles that are posted daily. As the website itself, each update is substantive, interesting, and brimming with promise.

I sincerely hope this project continues into the distant future as I would like posterity to discover and live the current Nikkei experience vicariously through this website. And along with the tangible relics I will leave behind, I appreciate that a recognizable and sizable byte of my existence, identity, and culture can be excavated from cyberspace and beheld by the future generations as we today have done with the vibrant cultural heritage of our ancestors from the rich soil of this earth.

Read his articles >> [EN]

Watch his video interview with Rose Ochi >>

octubre 2013

Greg (Quebec, Canada)

Professor Greg Robinson has had a Nima account since 2011. A noted author and scholar, he has published a several books related to Japanese American / Japanese Canadian history and experiences. He contributes articles along these topics to Discover Nikkei.

[EN] One of my favorite things about Discover Nikkei is its coverage of Nikkei outside of the United States. Before I moved to Canada in 2001, I found that very few Japanese Americans knew very much about their Canadian counterparts, or even thought of their experience in connection with their own. This was even more true in regard to ethnic Japanese in Latin America. Times are changing, and the internet has helped instruct Americans to be more international in their thinking. I like writing for Discover Nikkei to share my experiences with Japanese Canadians and their history, and I like learning more from others about Nikkei in the Americas. It also gives me a nice opportunity to practice my Spanish!

Read his articles >> [EN]

noviembre 2013

riodan (Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan)

riodan has had a Nima account since 2010. He currently lives in Japan and has been sharing articles on Discover Nikkei since 2012.

I found my first Nima-kai Chilean friend Roberto Hirose terrific! Enjoyed his Sushi Casero, Ensayo de Bonodori, Santiago Keirokai. And that's just the inveterate beginning. Getting to know Canadian and perhaps Japanese members. Dozo Yoroshiku!

Read his articles >>

diciembre 2013

APA_Institute (New York, United States)

APA_Institute (Asian/Pacific/American Institute at New York University) is a long-standing Participating Organization and contributor to Discover Nikkei. They have created several albums about Nikkei in New York. On behalf of the APA Institute at NYU, Mark Putterman, an undergraduate student at NYU, has also been sharing Nikkei-related events around the New York area on Discover Nikkei.

[EN] As a (non-Nikkei) member of the broader pan-Asian diaspora, it has been incredible to witness the dynamic community ties that Discover Nikkei has fostered. I have been humbled to be exposed to the histories and personal narratives that the site provides a space to highlight. As the A/P/A Institute continues to work to foster conversations that transcend traditional boundaries that define Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas, it is wonderful to work alongside Discover Nikkei as they undertake similar initiatives within the global Nikkei community.

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