Jenna Yokoyama

Jenna Yokoyama is a Yonsei/Shin Nisei, radio/podcast producer, and creative living in Portland, OR. She is a co-host for the radio show Pacific Underground and an annual singer at her local obon festival. When not hunched over a computer doing audio editing, she can be found hiking and backpacking in the local Cascade mountains. 

Updated August 2018

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Nikkei al descubierto: una columna de poesía


Fire. No, not in reference to the countless acres of land and livelihood burning across California this summer. But perhaps subconsciously inspired by the precarious path nature takes us on, I was drawn to this theme and to featuring these pieces meant for the mature reader of this month’s column. A prose piece from Alameda, California-based Colleen “Coke” Tani and a poem from Portland-based Jenna Yokoyama - these are searing pieces that speak in turns, facing inward and outward, inviting us in to moments where we need breath, we call for reckoning, we demand to heal. &md...

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