Jane Shohara Matsumoto

Jane Shohara Matsumoto is currently the Culinary Cultural Arts Program Curator at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC). She has worked in the public sector for 25 years, primarily in public transporation implementing the TAP smart card, but her passion is in food—its history, science, and the preparation of many different types of cuisnes, especially Japanese foods. When she is not working, she is buried in food blogs, cookbooks, or simply cooking in her kitchen. She is an avid traveler and also loves to hike.

Updated January 2021

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Kizuna 2020: Nikkei Kindness and Solidarity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Oshogatsu—Remembering Grandpa Sonny

When my Facebook friend suggested a submission for Discover Nikkei’s Oshogatsu photo activity, it simply opened up a floodgate of cherished memories. In my family everyone calls me Scrooge McDuck because I dread the Christmas hype, from gift giving to tree decorations, cookie-baking, and the card exchanges that for me, are simply “over the top.” Oshogatsu, on the other hand, is something I love and anticipate each year. Oshogatsu—the way my family celebrates it—is an event imposed by me in reverse to my family as if in repentance for the Christmas extravagances.

It dawned on me some years ago …

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