Voluntarily Moving to Salt Lake City, Utah

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You know when the executive order was issued my parents and some of their relatives from Fukui and friends from their villages they decided they didn’t want to wait around for the government to come and pick them up and take them God knows where.

And Utah was a place where a lot of Japanese nationals went.

I remember we came to Salt Lake City, the actual city and my folks got an apartment there to live in. And I, I went to they took me to a school and I was so excited I could hardly believe it. You know, when I actually was there in this kindergarten, it was just like thrilled. You know, I just thrilled to be in school and but then later on, it was so sad to be told that I couldn't go there regularly. I was either I wasn't old enough or whatever, but so just very disappointed.

But we did live in Salt Lake. My folks got a job with the Brown Floral Company who is a big, big floral company right there on the Jordan River. And Mr. Brown and his family were very kind to us.

My mom and dad both worked for him. Did various jobs, you know, in the floral company. And I hung out with their son, David. And we got into so much mischief. We were always having problems.

We were there for a number of years. And I remember it was it was a very OK time.

We lived close by and when when my dad was coming home from work, I would meet him part way and he’d give me a piggyback ride. And, you know, we would trot home kind of thing. And it was always fun for me.

Date: May 13, 2022
Location: California, US
Interviewer: Evan Kodani
Contributed by: Watase Media Arts Center, Japanese American National Museum

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