Preguntas Frecuentes

  1. What kind of stories should I share?

    Everyone has a story to tell. A personal experience growing up. The story of how a family immigrated to a new country. The history of a local community center. Instructions on how to cook ozoni.

    Historic, contemporary, serious, playful…you can use Nikkei Album in a variety of ways to share about diverse aspects of the Nikkei experience.

    Some types of albums:
    • Old family photos—Dig out your old family photos, scan them, and upload the memories to the Nikkei Album. Use the photos to tell us about the people in your family and their experiences.
    • Community events—A photo essay of a local festival or video of a music performance is a great way to document events happening in your community.
    • Life histories—Ensure that the past is not forgotten by recording people’s memories and sharing them on the Nikkei Album.
    • Online exhibitions & artist portfolios—Create a mini-exhibit to share about your community’s history, an artist’s works, or your organization.
    • Instructions—Create step-by-step instructions for recipes or craft activities, or even a lesson plan.

    This is just a sample of the types of albums you can create. The Nikkei Album is only limited by your own imagination!

  2. How should I start?

    The most important part of the Nikkei Album is your Nikkei related STORY! After you decide the topic, select some photos and/or digital files (including audio and videos) that will support your story. It’s very simple. Try it out!

    ** Step by step instruction how to make an album »

    ** Tips to make your own album »

  3. Do I still own my images after I upload them to Discover Nikkei?

    YES!! You retain ownership (and copyright) of any files and text that you upload to Nikkei Album as long as you own the rights. Only upload content that you either own the rights to, or have secured permission to use for this use. SEE the privacy policy.

  4. I would like to use my video footage. Can I use it in the Nikkei Album?

    Yes! You can upload your own video footage. There are two options for using video:

    - You can upload your video directly to Nikkei Album. However, we accept only certain video formats with a file size limit of 10MB each. For your convenience, we have put together a how-to guide for preparing video files for uploading.

    - If you have already uploaded your video to YouTube, you can use YouTube’s embed code.

  5. What file formats can I upload?

    See our list of approved file formats »

    Nikkei Album also supports embedded YouTube videos. If you have already uploaded your video to YouTube, click here instructions on how to use YouTube videos within Nikkei Album »

  6. Do I need to be Nikkei in order to use the Nikkei Album?

    No! Anyone can create an album. However, with everything on the site, we ask that the content be somehow Nikkei-related.


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