Asuka Lin

Asuka Lin (they/them) is a Japanese-Taiwanese filmmaker/writer and a graduate of CalArts. Born near the sea in Kobe, Japan; raised in the Bay Area, they are a first-generation immigrant currently residing in Los Angeles. Their work spans across various genres, but Asuka’s artistic practice is mainly shaped by their strong interests in magical realism and fantasy, which are heavily informed by stories of diaspora, trauma, and surrealism. Their work aims to create an expansion of deep healing and reflection for its viewers/readers, as well as to carve out lasting spaces of empowerment for marginalized people on and off-screen.

Updated June 2020

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Nikkei al descubierto: una columna de poesía

What we hold

Over the past several years, Vigilant Love (an organization working towards safety and justice of communities impacted by Islamophobia and violence), has hosted a community Iftar bringing together hundreds of Muslim, Japanese American, and other Los Angeles community members in the spirit of many years of solidarity practice between our communities. This was the first year the program had to be virtual due to Covid-19, but over 170 people still came together for the online breaking of the fast. I had the great honor of working with Vigilant Love’s Solidarity Arts Fellows to collaborat...

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