100th Anniversary of Friendship between Vancouver Asahi and Wakayama Toin High School

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Mar 202226


Connecting Canada and Japan through Baseball !!


100th Anniversary of Friendship between Vancouver Asahi  

and Wakayama Toin High School 


With guest speakers, Consul General Hatori, Kaye Kaminishi (original Asahi player), Grace Eiko Thompson  (curator/historian), Nobutaka Iwahashi (President of Wakayama Sister City Affiliation Committee), Toshio  Takai (President of Committee for Promoting International Cooperation), Sihngo Sasai (Principal of Toin High  School) and others. 

参加ゲスト、羽鳥日本国総領事、ケイ上西、オリジナル朝日軍選手、グレース・トンプソン、歴史 家、岩橋延直、和歌山国際姉妹都市親善協会会長、高井利夫、国際協力推進協議会会長、笹井晋吾 桐蔭高校校長他 

Date and Time: March 26 @ 6:00 PM PST, March 27@10:00 AM JST 

3月27日(日)10:00 AM JST, 3月26日(土)6:00 PM PST 

To register: Go to the link below 



Jointly Organized by Asahi Baseball Association & Japan Canada Chamber of Commerce 朝日ベースボール・アソシエーション&日本カナダ商工会議所共催

The Vancouver Asahi team was founded in 1914 and in the fall of 1921, the team made a long awaited expedition to Japan and traveled all over Japan, playing not only against university and adult baseball teams, but also against the former Wakayama Middle  School, the winner of the National Middle School Baseball Championship.

The Shin Asahi team, which was established in 2014 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the founding of Vancouver Asahi, has toured Japan every two years since 2015.

Since the 4th Japan tour of the Shin Asahi team scheduled for 2021 would be the 100th anniversary of the Vancouver Asahi team's 1921 Japan tour, Yobun Shima  thought it would be a good opportunity for the Shin Asahi to visit Wakayama Toin High School in Wakayama, which the team had not visited in the past. He came up with this idea because one of his ancestors was from Wakayama Prefecture.

Yobun Shima met Mr.Omatsu, manager of the school's baseball team. In the course of their conversations, he received a positive answer from Mr. Omatsu, and approached the Shin Asahi who decided to make it happen in 2021.

The commemorative ceremony will be held online this year.


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