Travis Lau

Travis Lau graduated from a charter high school in Marietta, GA and is now pursuing an English major at UCLA as a college freshman. Although ethnically Chinese, he has been active on campus with the UCLA Nikkei Student Union in efforts to revisit his cultural experiences in Japan many years ago. As a writer, he aspires to make use of this cultural diversity to better fuel his literary pursuits and to broaden his horizons as an individual. He seeks to to give back to the Japanese American community that has welcomed him with open arms by sharing some of his writings here.

Updated February 2009

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I really can’t believe it’s all over. 3 long months, and I feel like it just washed away in the quick shower I just took. All that sweat and hard work does that sneak attack on you after it’s all over. To know you’ve come so far with your bare hands and spirit.


Seigi and myself were the first students to go to San Francisco Taiko Dojo for the beginner’s class on Tuesdays. I remember running into him on the first day, and we had no idea what we were doing. Dominique took us in and showed us the …

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Biforcated Motherland

When I was three, I left Hong Kong for my global trek. The parents had their shades on, but I had my rose-colored glasses on instead. I had tunnel vision for the longest time: chewing the cud of overrated childhood days.

The scene around me was a blur, like those sped up commercials. Lights, sounds, and colors... swirling in a medley of urban development and smog. I wonder what condition my lungs are in now, especially after virtually getting sore throats on a weekly basis in Guangzhou.

What is home, really? I was born and raised on an island supposedly …

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