Mónica Kogiso

Mónica Kosigo is an Argentine Nisei.  She received a scholarship from the University of Foreign Languages in Osaka, Japan, to study Japanese language and culture.  She is a cultural bridge between Argentina and Japan.  She translates Japanese literature into Spanish (for example, A Real Novel by Minae Mizumura, as well as children's stories).  Kosigo also is a production coordinator for Japanese mass media (television, magazines, news agencies, etc.)  She organizes trips and events that promote ties among various peoples and cultures.  She is the former president of of the Argetine Nikkei Center, and participates actively in the Panamerican Nikkei Association.

Updated October 2012

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Nikkei Chronicles #1—ITADAKIMASU! A Taste of Nikkei Culture

Itadakimasu! Our Grandparents' Legacy

I remember when I was a kid I preferred milanesas (breaded meat cutlets) with mashed potatoes to the Japanese meals that my mother prepared everyday—along with omisoshiru that my father consumed religiously and that we kids rejected. Perhaps because we were sick and tired of consuming it, or it may have been our way of protesting. It was my parents who raised me not to leave anything on the plate and to be thankful for our food. At that time, eating Japanese food was confined to only Japanese families. It was unthinkable that a meat-loving Argentine would eat raw fish! My mother cooke…

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“UNA NOVELA REAL”, una novela japonesa traducida por una nikkei argentina

Minae, nacida en Japón, a los 12 años fue a vivir a Estados Unidos con su familia, estudió en la Universidad y regresó a su país natal para escribir novelas en idioma Japonés. Es la autora de la obra recientemente publicada por Adriana Hidalgo Editora y traducida, a diferencia de los traducidos en España como las obras de Haruki Murakami o de Banana Yoshimoto, al español de la versión original del japonés compuesta por 2 tomos por la nikkei argentina Mónica Kogiso en Buenos Aires, Argentina. A partir de la inqui…

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