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Japanese American Major Leaguers

Chris Komai

Sitting in the upper deck overlooking right field at AT&T Park in San Francisco for the first game of the Dodgers-Giants series in September, I was feeling pretty low. As part of the biennial Komai Family Reunion this year, our Northern California relatives had arranged to get tickets to this …

Don't Forget Pat Suzuki

Chris Komai

Do you know who Pat Suzuki is, and why she is significant to Japanese Americans? I suspect you would have to be at least as old as me (a Sansei born in the early 1950s) to recognize her name and know that she was a popular singer. Any Nisei would …

Nisei Week 80th Anniversary

Chris Komai

Eighty years ago, the inaugural Nisei Week was organized in Little Tokyo in 1934. A distinctive Nikkei community event that was actually created as a marketing campaign, Nisei Week reflects the bicultural character of its founders. It has a parade that features ondo dancers (which explains why the parade with …

Little Tokyo's Revival

Chris Komai

This year, 2014, Little Tokyo is celebrating its 130th anniversary. Which is remarkable, since it has constantly been threatened with abandonment and extinction since World War II. In fact, twenty-two years ago, I thought Little Tokyo was dying. But in each case, a common remedy allowed the historic Nikkei neighborhood …

Understanding My Mother's Life

Chris Komai

My mother passed away last October at the age of 92 and there are so many things about her that I will never know. Mom had a tumultuous early life, but as the youngest of her four children, I was privy to few of her darkest moments. When she and …

Nanka Nikkei Voices

Revival: The Rafu Shimpo

Chris Komai

On April 4, 1942, The Rafu Shimpo produced its final edition before everyone of Japanese ancestry was unconstitutionally forced to leave the West Coast by the U.S. government. No one, least of all my uncle Aki Komai, could know with any certainty if this was an interruption in the operation …

Norman Mineta: A Lifetime of Public Service - Part 2

Chris Komai

Read Part 1 >>REDRESSFor Norm Mineta, passing redress is still his most satisfying achievement in Congress. The formal push came when the National Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) passed a resolution in 1978 advocating for legislation. Representatives Mineta and Robert Matsui and Senators Daniel Inouye and Spark Matsunaga worked together …

Norman Mineta: A Lifetime of Public Service - Part 1

Chris Komai

When Norman Yoshio Mineta looks back on his life, he shakes his head and wonders how a little kid from San Jose wound up in Washington, D.C., first as a Congressman and then as a member of two Presidents’ Cabinets. Moreover, he has distinguished himself as an advocate for civil …

Jane Aiko Yamano

Chris Komai

Growing up, Jane Aiko Yamano never dreamed that she would be the heir to her remarkable grandmother and the various beauty and health schools she fostered. Nor could she imagine being at the forefront of perpetuating and modernizing the Japanese traditional kimono with an eye at engaging young people in …

Stan Sakai: The Cartoonist

Chris Komai

When Stan Sakai’s father Akio heard that his son wanted to work as an illustrator of comic books, he was, not surprisingly, skeptical. “You can’t make a living as a cartoonist,” his father told him. “Why don’t you go into accounting or computers?” In some form, this parent-child conversation has …

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Chris Komai is a freelance writer who has been involved in Little Tokyo for five decades. He was the Public Information Officer of the Japanese American National Museum for over 21 years, where he handled publicity for the organization’s special events, exhibitions and public programs. Prior to that, Komai worked for the Japanese-English newspaper The Rafu Shimpo for 18 years as a sports writer, sports editor and English editor. Komai also serves on the Little Tokyo Community Council Board and on the Little Tokyo Public Safety Association board. He has been a member of the Southern California Nisei Athletic Union Board for basketball and baseball for 40 years. Komai is one of the founders of the Nikkei Basketball Heritage Association (NBHA), which seeks to connect JA basketball history to the current players and their families. He earned a B.A. degree in English from the University of California at Riverside.

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