Uminari Taiko

Uminari Taiko

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Founded 2002

Basic Information

    Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society
    Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society
    Executive Board
    To indulge in our love of Taiko and to share it with the community.

Background Information

Group's Mission and Motivation

To indulge in our love of Taiko and to share it with the community.

1) To gain knowledge and skill in the art of Taiko drumming.
2) To eventually perform Taiko for the public.

Uminari: Japanese word meaning the sounds from the sea (the roar, the silence and everything in between)

Structure and Philosophy
Describe the ensemble's organizational structure and philosophy, including leadership structure, membership policy, and instructional process.

Philosophy Statement
We, Uminari Taiko, wish to:
- develop and sustain a performing Taiko group based in Victoria;
- appreciate the beauty and discipline of Taiko, while at the same time balancing and incorporating the fun and joy of it;
- appreciate the power of Taiko and how it allows personal expression and communication between people;
- learn, practice, and teach others through joy, and not fear or intimidation;
- communicate and function in a communal, compassionate, open, and empowering manner;
- perform non-professionally in and around the Victoria area;
- connect with the Japanese culture from which Taiko has emerged;
- educate the public, through our performances, about the art of Taiko;
- support our local community, particularly the Japanese Canadian community and the Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society who assist us.

List of Founding Members

Jacob Derksen
Brad Lewis
Margie Parikh
Marcin Sawicki
Deb Shepherd
Val Watanabe

List of Current Members

Jacob Derksen
Alisa Kage
Susan Kurushima
Tsugio Kurushima
Brad Lewis
Teruyo Sano
Deb Shepherd


Deb Shepherd


Uminari Taiko



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