Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Taiko Groups section?

    TAIKO GROUPS is a database of taiko (Japanese drums) ensembles around the world. It was originally developed in conjunction with the Japanese American National Museum’s Big Drum: Taiko in the United States exhibition in 2005, but has since been expanded.

  2. How do you collect the information about the taiko groups in this database?

    Basic information (group name, contact information, locations) was initially collected as part of the research for the Big Drum exhibition in 2005. More information, photos, and other media have been added by the taiko groups directly since then.
    Please report any errors or omissions to

  3. How can I add our taiko group into this database?

    If your taiko group is not listed in this database and would like to be added, please contact
    In your email, please include the following information:

    • Official name of the taiko group
    • Primary email address for your taiko group
    • Address
    • Contact person’s name

  4. How do I update the information for our group?

    Please log in to the Nima* user account associated with your taiko group. If you don’t know your username and password, please contact

    * A “Nima” is a member of the Discover Nikkei online community. It comes from combining Nikkei and nakama (Japanese for “colleagues,” “fellows,” or “circle”).

  5. I forgot my password. How do I reset the password?

    Go to the password reset page and enter the email address associated with your user account. You will be sent an email with instructions for setting a new one.

    If you do not know which email address is associated with your taiko group, contact

  6. Can I change the email address associated with our group’s Nima user account?

    Yes. Once you have logged in to your account, you can change your email address from your Nima page. To go to your Nima page, please log in and click the “My Nima Profile” at the top right side of the page.

  7. Can I change the username of the account associated with my taiko group page?

    Yes. Contact with the current account name and what you would like it changed to, and we will change it for you.

  8. Is it possible to allow multiple user accounts to update our page?

    At this time, only the user account associated with your taiko group can update your page.

  9. I found information in this database that should be updated, but I am not a member of the group. What should I do?

    Basic information can be updated by Discover Nikkei. However, each taiko group is responsible for updating their own information. If you contact us at, we will contact the group to ask them to update their page.

  10. What language should I use to update my taiko group’s page?

    Discover Nikkei’s supported languages are English, Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese. However, you can use any language you want to add information.

  11. How do I upload photos, audio files, and videos to my taiko group page?

    Make sure to log in with the user account associated with your taiko group page. Once you are logged in, you should see “Add” links in the right column of your group page. Click on the appropriate add link and follow the instructions on the following page.

    If you have any problems with uploading, contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.

  12. What file formats can I upload?

    See our list of approved file formats >>

  13. How do I post event information?

    Make sure to log in with the user account associated with your taiko group page. Once you are logged in, you should see an “Add an event” link in the right column of your group page. Click on the link and fill in your event information on the following page.

    You can also post an event directly on our Discover Nikkei Events section. Please note that ALL events posted to the site using your group’s user account will display on your taiko group’s page, so it is recommended that you only post events related to your group with the account. If you would like to share other Nikkei-related events, we recommend that you create a separate personal account.

  14. I uploaded an image/audio/video/event, but it isn’t displaying on my taiko group page. Why?

    Please make sure that you are logged in using the account that is associated with your taiko group. The database is set up to automatically display content based on that specific user account only.

    If you are still having problems, please contact us at

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