Collective Future

Victor Nishio Yasuoka experiments with Nikkei life in Peru. He asks himself, “What is being Nikkei?” so as to imagine a local and global collective future. Besides, he examines historical and contemporary racism, offering an explanation of the consequences of the expression “Chino” [akin to “Chink”] and its deep-rooted reasons. And finally, from his professional vantage point, he provides a personal overview of the field of Fine Arts and the cultural support given to artists in the community.

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The Purpose of the Kenjinkai - Part 2 of 2

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Maybe we find ourselves witnessing signs that the seventh Nikkei generation in Peru, though still suffering discrimination because of their physical appearance and manners of thinking and behaving, is becoming completely integrated in Peruvian society as well as in the globalization of individuality.

For that reason, the purpose of the Kenjinkai in a country such as ours has to be to clarify and perpetuate certain values like those of family, respect, punctuality, and so many others that we almost never see around us and that sometimes feel like strange forms of behavior because it’s so unusual for …

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The Purpose of the Kenjinkai - Part 1 of 2

This is a personal opinion that may be of use for the evaluation of the title of this piece. It was motivated by Kristine Haenschke’s article “Do the Kenjinkai Have a Future?” – posted on this Website – in which the author describes an event celebrated in March ’09. I eagerly await to read the author’s conclusions once they’re published.

I’m over 30 years old. Pushed by my parents, from the time I was a little boy I began taking part in the activities of several prefectural associations. Like every child, I had neither the means nor the …

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