Support from the Japanese American community

Her eagerness as a child to emulate her older sister and learn to ice skate Grandparent's unspoken past Support from the Japanese American community

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I really...from the Japanese American community I’ve always felt such tremendous support and lucky because I have such a heritage where there is a certain group of people who are really proud of what you’re doing out there and that’s all I’ve really felt. I’d never felt any kind of extra pressure like expectations and things like that. But just more like, you know, Japanese American have struggled through the years, in the history of the United States and now finally, they’re seeing the results of their struggle. An I think, I’ve learned a lot more about that and a lot more kind of what Japanese Americans who are successful, what that means to the older generations.

Date: January 16, 2000
Location: California, US
Interviewer: John Esaki
Contributed by: Watase Media Arts Center, Japanese American National Museum

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