A Possible Path towards Happiness… (Spanish)

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(Spanish) Well, I would like to... I would like to... I would like to send a message, or rather express a feeling I have. As I was telling you, one of the things that have impressed me here in Japan is suicide, the amount of suicides. So talking, conversing with people, they told me that this society, Japan, is a bit repressive. In that sense, I would like to use this opportunity to see if we can collaborate. I’ve read somewhere or sometime that Latinos have the highest index of happiness. So happiness is not related to the per capita income or [UI]. In that sense, I would like to invite the Japanese people who desire to do so to visit South America, especially Bolivia, so they can feel firsthand what it’s like to be or feel, as that interview puts it, happy. And I believe we are prepared to receive a great number of people who can make this visit, this trip, to feel the Latino “joie de vivre”

Date: March 24, 2009
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Interviewer: Alberto Matsumoto
Contributed by: Watase Media Arts Center, Japanese American National Museum


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