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Camp Pets: Doggone It! - Part 2

Gary T. Ono

Read Part 1 >> There are other pet stories that turned out happier. Before the war, Jack Muro and his parents were farmers in Winters, California. The dog of a neighboring sheepherder family had a litter of puppies. They offered the Muro family the pick of the litter. The Muros named …

Camp Pets: Doggone It! - Part 1

Gary T. Ono

One of my earliest childhood memories comes from being in what can rightfully be called a “concentration camp.” (Webster’s New World Fourth College Edition Dictionary: “A prison camp in which political dissidents, members of minority ethnic groups, etc. are confined.” Even President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and other top political leaders …

Letters From Camp

family history

This album contains some of the actual images from the National Archive Record Administration, College Park, Maryland that are referred to in the Discover Nikkei journal article, Letters From Camp.

Ono Family during World War II

Letters from Camp - Part 3

Gary T. Ono

Read Part 2 >>In all, the documents and letters, even telegrams, showed that there were many pleas for hearings to be held so that he could make a case for his parole and release. All of his and the family’s pleas were turned down. The main reason given was that …

Ono Family during World War II

Letters from Camp - Part 2

Gary T. Ono

Read Part 1 >>In 2003, in response to a request I’d submitted to the National Archives in Washington, DC for documentation relating to my grandfather’s arrest and imprisonment by the FBI, INS and the DOJ during WWII, I received well-over 190-copy pages of records from his personal file, which included …

Ono Family during World War II

Letters from Camp - Part 1

Gary T. Ono

These were not letters from a summer camp like the funny one from a young homesick camper as written by songwriter, Allan Sherman, in his 1964 Grammy Award winning song which began, “Hello Muddah – Hello Faddah – Here I am – in Camp Granada…” No!…Although the letters from the …

Fortune Cookie Production at Benkyodo, San Francisco - ca 1914-1941 - WWII - 1946-1958

Japanese American business history

This Album contains illustrations, photographs and explaination of what I remember of Benkyodo's production of fortune cookies after WWII.

This is a supplement to the two-part essay,  "Japanese American Fortune Cookie," I wrote …

Ono Family during World War II


Gary T. Ono

As mentioned in “Amache Arrival”, our father, Sam Masami Ono, 29 (a San Franciscan) and George Dote (a Los Angeleno), were both released February 10, 1943 from Amache, the Colorado War Relocation Authority camp near the small town of Granada, Colorado. They were invited to go to Denver to audition/interview …

DOR 2010

Gary T. Ono

In anticipation of upcoming Day of Remembrance (DOR) events in 2010, I looked over the DOR Calendar Listing published in the Feb. 5-18, 2010 Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) newspaper, Pacific Citizen. I was impressed by the nationwide spread and variety of events organized by Japanese American communities in Washington, DC; …

Ono Family during World War II

Amache Arrival

Gary T. Ono

On September 18, 1942, finally, after the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe train engine, the last of the different locomotive engines that took their turn pulling our passenger train carrying us Japanese evacuees aboard through their own railroad company jurisdictions, we arrived at the small farming town of Granada, Colorado. …

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