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Landscaping America: Beyond the Japanese Garden - Timeline



California’s new Alien Land Law prohibits Japanese immigrants from owning or leasing land. Many leave agricultural work and take up gardening in urban areas.

Japanese Exclusion League of California organized in San Francisco.

U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Ozawa v. U.S. definitively bars Japanese immigrants from naturalization on basis of race.

Immigration Act halts Japanese immigration to U.S.

A group of Japanese American gardeners organizes in Riverside, California.

Seattle Japanese Gardeners Association established with group of 25 gardeners.

U.S. stock market crash brings financial ruin for thousands and ushers in the Great Depression.

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Eight Men, Eight Lawnmowers
Anti-Japanese Sign

Based on this original

Miami Beach Nursery
uploaded by eishida
This is a picture of Shigezo and Chotaro Tashiro of Miami Beach Nurseries in Florida, ca. 1922. It was a gift to the Japanese American National Museum, from the Tashiro … More »

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