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Hope in the AELU
To think about the year 1953 is to be at the beginning of the 69 years that the La Unión Stadium or…

Luis Iguchi Iguchi • Dec. 30, 2022

The way to play
The years are what prolong our daily lives and teach us to continue fighting on the path of hope. A…

Luis Iguchi Iguchi • Dec. 1, 2022

Alberto Izu: the human encyclopedia
There are friendships that, when talking, one tends to see in them a kind of “Human Encyclopedia.” …

Luis Iguchi Iguchi • July 6, 2022

Music in AELU Tennis
Returning to my memories is thanking life on a journey of healthy happiness. It is feeling that the…

Luis Iguchi Iguchi • June 1, 2022

come back one more time
How many times do we return to our beginnings. Perhaps in our lifetime there will be many times th…

Luis Iguchi Iguchi • April 6, 2022

Two friends, one destiny
The Estadio la Unión (AELU), in its 68 years of institutional life, housed countless stories within…

Luis Iguchi Iguchi • May 10, 2021

Memories: AELU tennis
Every morning, from my balcony, the AELU postcard gives me hope. The bright green of its fields, th…

Luis Iguchi Iguchi • Nov. 2, 2020

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