Alan Ohashi

Alan Ohashi is the principal and owner of Ohashi Design Studio, a ten-person architectural firm in Emeryville, California.  Prior to that he was a founding member of Visual Communications.  While at Visual Communications he received a Bachelor’s of Art and Master of Fine Arts, Cinematography from U.C.L.A and later received a Master of Architecture degree from U.C. Berkeley.  Alan is married to Joy Yamasaki, now Joy Ohashi, and has a son Adam who recently graduated from U.C. Davis in Communications.

Updated January 2014 

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VC Founder Alan Ohashi presents the Military Intelligence Service Historic Learning Center

After leaving the Visual Communications (VC) after seven years of great experiences with Bob, Eddie, Duane & Alan Kondo, among many others, I entered U.C. Berkeley’s 3-year graduate architecture program in 1977. An intensely sought-after opening for some twenty-plus students per year, it was an immersion process where, for the entire first year you spend with the same group of students developing design solutions with a rotating group of professors. I went in thinking that I would combine film and architecture, but soon realized I just loved the design process itself. My work at VC…

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