Nicholas Braun

Nicholas Braun is a Nikkei Sansei Ainoko from Chicago, IL. He is a Man of Little Means. Yet He longs to be welcome into the bosom of His Brother and Sister Nipponjin and Nikkeijin.

Updated October 2013 

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Nikkei Chronicles #2—Nikkei+: Stories of Mixed Language, Traditions, Generations & Race

My Laborious, Glorious, and Ultimately Futile Self-Education

Most Nikkei have the luxury of being brought up with the tradition of our fatherland. To be taught the meaning of Obon by your parents, a Buddhist priest, or both. To be read stories as a young child of a boy sprung up from peaches, tongueless sparrows. Or, if your parents were well read, to hear the fable of a young master from Tokyo known as Botchan bring a Machiavellian red shirted devil from the boondocks down with a well placed punch. To appreciate the taste of good Japanese food without paying exorbitant prices for having it made for you. These are the luxuries that my Nikkei brothers a…

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