Michie Akama

Issei, Pioneer of women's education in Brazil

Reasons for immigrating to Brazil (Japanese) Opening a Japanese-style all-girls' school in Brazil (Japanese)

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Michie Akama, along with her husband, Jyugo, left her hometown in Miyagi prefecture for Brazil in 1930. She followed her husband, a marine biologist, in his pursuit of researching the deep-sea animals of Brazil. Not long after arriving in Brazil, Mrs. Akama would become an active figure in leading the education of Nikkei women. It was a time that widely encouraged farming families to send the young women of their household to school, primarily for education in obtaining such skills as tailoring. In 1993, she founded the first ever women’s school that targeted Japanese and Nikkei women. With Japanese philosophy as the base, the school picks up topics that cover both Japanese and Brazilian ideals, and aims to nurture the development of these young women in hopes of their success in society. (June 22, 2007)

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