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Stockton Japantown - San Joaquin Japanese Entrepreneurs circa 1915


The peak of Stockton's Japantown was the 1930s when it occupied several square blocks alongside of Manilatown and Chinatown.  After the war, Stockton's Japantown was reduced to a shell with …

community history
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Meguro Family in Chiapas, Mexico


Before World War II, the stationery "La Paz" in Tapachula, Chiapas manufactured school notebooks that stated the interest for Mexico's progress in a printed ideology. 

family history
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Taken: Oregonians Arrested after Pearl Harbor


This album illustrates the experiences of families in Oregon taken into custody and imprisoned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Justice (DoJ) as a result of …

online exhibition
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Japanese Hospital: Caring for the Pre-War Nikkei Community Program


Presented Sunday, April 11, 2010 at the Tateuchi Democracy Forum of the Japanese American National Museum.  For the early Issei immigrants, access to medical care was limited. Five Issei doctors …

online exhibition
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Mitsuru Grill


These are photos of Mitsuru Grill on 1st Street of the Little Tokyo disrtrict in Los Angeles. The restaurant serves American and Japanese dishes as well as fusion food. The …

community history
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Desarrollo de la Comunidad Nikkei en Chile


Los primeros japoneses llegaron a Chile a fines del Siglo XIX, por lo que el desarrollo de la comunidad nikkei ha evolucionado desde entonces por más de 100 años. Para …

community history
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The Little Tokyo Café


The Little Tokyo Café is a small, family run restaurant that is located on N. San Pedro St. Its owner, Mitsuko Minohara, is a second generation Japanese immigrant whose mother …

community history
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Part of these albums:
Little Tokyo Community Profiles Collected by: mpitelka

Nikkei Farmers of the Hood River Area


The Nikkei community of Hood River was one of the largest and earliest established Japanese communities in the state of Oregon. Agriculture has been a significant part of the culture …

online exhibition
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Gardena Valley Baptist Church


Gardena Valley Baptist Church (currently located at 1630 W. 158th St. in Gardena, California) was founded in 1914 by the Los Angeles Baptist Mission Society, targeting the recent immigrant population …

community history
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Buddhist Churches of America


The Buddhist Churches of America, or the BCA, is a religious organization that attributes its roots to the arrival of Shin Buddhism Reverend Soryu Kagai, who came from Kyoto's Hompa …

online exhibition
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