Janice Marion Wright LaMoree

Janice Marion Wright LaMoree is the daughter of J. Marion Wright. For fifty-seven years, 1913-1970, her father was attorney and friend of Nisei and Issei Japanese in the United States. He was grateful for their trust in him and proud to be their advocate. Mr. Wright’s family is honored that the Japanese American National Museum is preserving the record of his achievements in the pursuit of justice.

Updated March 18, 2010

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J. Marion Wright: Los Angeles' Patient Crusader 1890-1970 - Part 1

Firehorses need exercise. For the youngsters on 15th Street in early Los Angeles, it was a thrill of a lifetime to sit on a big broad horse, legs astraddle, as the animal galloped up and down dusty Hill Street. Young boys were glad to “help” the firemen in this way. J. Marion Wright was one of these juvenile public servants. Although in later years as he drove down 15th Street he reflected upon the legalities and insurance aspects of such a wild activity, in the years around 1900 such matters were not on his mind. What follows is a biographical sketch of J. Marion Wright, a Los A…

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