BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20221117T000000Z DTEND:20221117T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong><span style="color: #c21313\;">FREE</strong>\n\n<a href ="\;txobjid=619f9 ea0-4289-40b7-9b51-481b4a0bfced">IN PERSON RSVP</a>      <a href="http ://\;txobjid=fd96dd07-d4 56-4b0c-9471-54150a51241f">VIRTUAL RSVP</a>\n\nJoin ceramics artist <stron g>Joan Takayama-Ogawa</strong> and award-winning filmmaker <strong>Renee T ajima-Peña</strong> for a conversation about using their anger at injusti ce to create powerful art that inspires social change. This conversation i s presented in conjunction with the new exhibition\, Joan Takayama-Ogawa: Ceramic Beacon\, at the Craft in America Center. \n\nAbout <em>Joan Takay ama-Ogawa: Ceramic Beacon</em> on view at the at the Craft in America Cent er:\n\nKnown for conveying her candid and prophetic take on contemporary l ife through playful and witty narratives in ceramics\, the exhibition will include roughly 30 sculptures made over three decades. Ceramic Beacon wil l be the first significant survey of this respected Pasadena born and base d artist’s work thus far. \n\nUnequivocally tackling issues ranging fro m the housing crisis and global overfishing\, to the pandemic\, Internment camps\, and human-induced species loss\, Takayama-Ogawa makes objects tha t embody her world view and life experience. She draws the viewer into her intricate sculptures and initiates a conversation because they are a plea sure to behold. She tackles the core issues that define our contemporary s ociety\, from the political\, to the historical\, social\, and environment al. Channeling fury into artistic power\, she creates works that respond t o the most pressing demands of the 21st century. \n\n<a href="https://www">This ex hibition is on view at the Craft in America Center from September 17\, 202 2 to December 3\, 2022.</a>\n\n<em>Image courtesy of Joan Takayama-Ogawa. “Joan Takayama-Ogawa\, Racial Profiling: Japanese American Relocation Ca mps\, 2000-2001.”</em>\n DTSTAMP:20230401T142822Z SUMMARY:Fueled by Fury with Joan Takayama-Ogawa &amp\; Renee Tajima-Peña URL:/en/events/2022/11/17/fueled-by-fury-with-joan-takayama-ogawa-renee-ta/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR