BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20100626T000000Z DTEND:20100627T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>Saturday and Sunday!</strong> \n Sat: 12 - 9 pm \n Sun: 12 - 7:30 pm\n\n<strong>Weekend Schedule</strong>\n<strong>Performances </strong> \n Live outdoor stage entertainment begins at noon on both days . The program will showcase the many classes and programs held at the JCI : singing\, taiko\, shamisen\, tai chi\, hula\, ukulele\, line dancing\; as well as\, guest performers featuring Okinawan drum and dance\, Japanes e dance\, youth community bands and more.\n\n<strong>Martial Arts Demonst rations</strong> \n Indoor demonstrations will be held each day featuring the martial arts classes held at JCI: shotokan karate\, naginata\, judo\, kendo\, shorinji kempo.\n\n<strong>Outdoor Nursery and Produce Sale\n < /strong> Supporting nurseries and produce businesses generously donate fr esh vegetables\, fruits\, and beautiful plants for our Carnival sale.\n\n <strong>Food &amp\; Game Booths\n </strong> Hardworking organizations and individuals who use the JCI facilities during the year help to run these booths\, which include fun games for the young and old Jingle Board\, Pi tch Til U Win\, Basketball\, Football Toss\, Pachinko &amp\; more.&nbsp\; Mouthwatering dishes will be sold from udon\, somen\, chicken &amp\; beef teriyaki\, yakisoba\, imagawayaki\, chili hot dogs &amp\; rice\, tamales \, spam musubi\, to Okinawa andagi\, lau lau\, shave ice\, and bake sale. \n\n<strong>Cultural Arts\n </strong> Japanese Language School students d isplay\, watercolor art and crafts\, and childrens art will be displayed in the upstairs classrooms. Come and visit the origami hands-on activitie s creating fun and innovative shapes by folding paper.\n\n<strong>The Bri dge: JCI Heritage Center\n </strong> Library opening and book sale upsta irs.\n\n<strong>Bingo\n </strong> Starts at 5pm on Saturday\, and 4pm on Sunday.&nbsp\; Prizes include restaurant meals\, jewelry\, electronics\, m ovie tickets\, and cash prizes.\n\n<strong>Prize Drawings\n </strong> Hel d hourly on both days of the Carnival giving away a variety of prizes.&nb sp\;&nbsp\; Drawing winners need not be present to win.\n\n<strong>Presal e-Carnival Coupon Books\n </strong> Being sold by JCI supporting organiza tions and at the JCI office for $10 per book prior to the Carnival. The t en $1.00 coupons can be used at all carnival booths\, as well as raffle d rawings eligibility.\n\n<strong>Additional Information</strong> \n For inf ormation and coupon books purchase\, call JCI office at 310-324-6611 or v isit <a href=" etail&amp\;eID=17293"></a> DTSTAMP:20230323T204942Z SUMMARY:2010 Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute (JCI) Carnival URL:/en/events/2010/06/26/2010-gardena-valley-japanese-cultural-institute-j / END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR