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Yamano,Jane Aiko

Preserving traditional Japanese culture

Jane Aiko Yamano September 3, 2003

At the same time, the culture that the Japanese have is something that we really …

Yokoyama,Wayne Shigeto

Food growing up

Wayne Shigeto Yokoyama November 13, 2003

My parents spoke Japanese to each other. My mother would speak English sentences with Japanese …

Yokoyama,Wayne Shigeto

Being on the outside

Wayne Shigeto Yokoyama November 13, 2003

It was interesting to be in a place where all these Japanese were because all …


Understanding Sansei taiko (Japanese)

Seiichi Tanaka January 27, 2005

(Japanese) As I remember, when we were kids in Japan it was sort of expected …


Rediscovery of Japanese culture through taiko (Japanese)

Nosuke Akiyama January 26, 2005

(Japanese) I guess you could say that I rediscovered Japanese culture as I began playing …


Japanese American community life

Roger Shimomura March 18 & 20, 2003

I've always said that I think one of the, I call it a curse in …


Starting over after the war: denial of all things Japanese

Frank Yamasaki August 18, 1997

One of the notable things was after the war, many Japanese, I think Issei and …


Interest in Japanese migration studies (Japanese)

Masako Iino October 7, 2005

(Japanese) Back then, in Japan, when we learned about America—for instance, when we learned about …


The Japanese society reacts to Nikkei living in Japan (Japanese)

Masako Iino October 7, 2005

(Japanese) I think it’s a complicated issue. I mean, if the ones who come into …


Learning from Nikkei (Japanese)

Masako Iino October 7, 2005

(Japanese) Well, in this country, both Canada and America included, I’m constantly wondering about my …

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