Asayake Taiko

Asayake Taiko

La Jolla, California, United States

Fundação 2002

Basic Information

    UC San Diego
    Performance Director, Administrative Director, Director of Internal Affairs, Director of External Affairs

Background Information

Missão e Motivação

Asayake Taiko's mission statement is to promote cultural awareness not only in the UCSD campus community, but to the greater San Diego community as well through performances and workshops at K-12 schools and other cultural functions.

Group History
Describe how, where, and why the ensemble was founded. What was its inspiration?

In spring of '02, Bobby Koga, Reid Matsuoka and other students came together to start a Taiko group on the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) campus. With financial support from the University, the fledgling group purchased various equipment in order to construct the Japanese drums in garages of devoted members. In spring of '04, two years after the start of the UCSD Taiko project, Asayake Taiko at UCSD debuted with their completed drums at the 3rd Annual Nikkei Student Union Culture Show.

Lista de membros fundadores

Bobby Koga and Reid Matsuoka

Lista de membros atuais

Michael Hirota, Performance Director
Scott Baba
Peter Chang
Albert Chu
Jenna Gaw
Chris Huynh
Miki Kelley
Terresa Kim
Mitchell Masuda
Diana Nguyen
Kim Nakashima
Ayano Ogura
Atsushi Ohoka
Rob Omoto
Anton Palma
James Price
Kelli Wing
Michelle Zimmermann

Performances, Gravações, Publicações

List a selection of your regular performance venues (for example, Denver Sakura Matsuri, Seabrook obon, business conventions, Manzanar Pilgrimage, Maui Marathon, etc.)

UCSD Alumni Awards
Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational Concert at UCLA
25th Annual Sun God Festival - Daytime Stage at UCSD
SDSU Workshop
St. Columbus Elementary School Fundraiser
UCSD Nikkei Student Union's Culture show
Alpha Phi Omega's Kids' Day Faire
Thurgood Marshall's 29th Cultural Celebration
Admit Day at UCSD
Okinawan Karate Pacific Southwest District Championship
Sixth College's C.H.A.O.S. event
Cherry Blossom Festival at SD Japanese Friendship Garden
Loyola Marymount University's Japan Culture Night
IRPS Graduate school Asian New Years' Festival
UCSD Nikkei Student Union's Day of Remembrance
VAYA San Diego Tet Festival
Revelle College's Lunar New Year Celebration
UCSD Open House

Celebration of Culture at Cal State University, San Marcos
Wedding Performance at Admiral Baker Golf Course
Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational Concert at UC Riverside
Muir College's "Around the World in 80 Feet"
Eleanor Roosevelt College's "I'm Going to College" Event
24th Annual Sun God Festival – Daytime Stage at UCSD
Hanamatsuri Bazaar at Vista Buddhist Temple
Elementary School Fundraiser
21st Annual Kyoto Awards at San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina
Thurgood Marshall College's 28th Annual Cultural Celebration
Admit Day at UCSD
Nikkei Student Union's 5th Annual Culture Show
Sixth College's C.H.A.O.S. Event
Golf Tournament Charity Event at Admiral Baker Golf Course

Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational Concert at UC Irvine
23rd Annual Sun God Festival
Section W4B Conclave "Theme Show"
"Tower After Hours" at Balboa Park
Admit Day at UCSD
6th Annual Hip-Hop Competition: Fusion
20th Annual Kyoto Awards
APSA 10th Annual Talent Show
Day of Rememberance
Asian Festival for the Intertnation Relations and Pacific Studies Grad Students
UCSD Nikkei Student Union's 5th Annual Culture Show
UCSD Vietnamese Student Association High School Conference
UCSD Asian and Pacific-Islander Student Alliance High School Conference
UCSD 6th college Family Day

Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational Concert at Stanford University
Multi-Cultural Day at Toler Elementary School
UCSD's 22nd Annual Sun God Festival
Ashten Montengero's 18th Birhtday Debutante
SIORC Overnight Program
UCSD Commuter Appreciation Week
UCSD Nikkei Student Union 3rd Annual Culture Show
JACL Conference

Taiko Collaborators
List a selection of taiko players or groups that have collaborated with the ensemble.

San Diego Taiko

Trabalhos de destaque do grupo
Please include title, composer, date of composition, special reason(s) for composition, and what the work represents to the group.

Shibuki, by Kelli Wing, 2007
Shibuki was born from a love of water and the ocean, and conjures images of rolling and breaking waves through its fluid form and rhythm. The surging beats ebb and flow like the tide as the elegant kata shifts from one drum to the next with the sprightly grace of the ocean mist. As the piece moves on, the growing strength of the waves comes to a head, sweeping up the players in a spray of movement and rhythm.

Jikan-Gire, by Anton Palma, 2007
Written as an experiment in unorthodox timing and rhythms, Jikan-Gire presents an unusual sequence of rhythm and form for the audience. The title, translated as 'running out of time,' is appropriate not only for the piece's shifting notation, but its ability to jar its viewers into a sense of imbalance--always on edge, but never quite falling off. The piece also showcases both individual and group kata from start to fast-paced finish.

Kodomo Zakari, by Diana Nguyen and Michael Hirota, 2007
Kodomo Zakari, literally 'peak of childhood,' represents the inner child within each and every one of us. Drawing inspiration from the friendly competition of schoolyard banter and the playful creativity of the group as a whole, the piece's fun, slightly mischievous nature gives rise to unique form, movements, and expressions. Delving deeper, the piece is meant to represent an aspect of taiko that resonates with every player's soul--the joy and camaraderie that one finds in playing alongside his group mates.

Natsu no Ki, by Michael Hirota, 2006

Karasu, by Ryan Okada, February 2005
Late every autumn when Ryan was younger, crows would gather on his yard and in his persimmon tree to peck at the last remains of the year's fruit. The dissonant cries and awkward dancing of those birds still reminds him of thoughts of home during the twilight of the year.

Arashi, by Reid Matsuoka, April 2004
This song's rhythm and speed reflect the song's intent and meaning. As the first original song composed and played by Asayake Taiko, this song does a great job relating to the group name itself, "Asayake."


Michelle Zimmermann
9500 Gilman Dr. #A-11, Dept. 0077 La Jolla, CA 92093-0077


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