ShoRei has always enjoyed writing since childhood, and still writes letters to their friends from time to time. When ShoRei studied abroad in the United States, they were given an assignment of writing a short story about coyotes in Mexico. While probably the only student enjoying the creative assignment in the class, ShoRei still remembers the smile on their teacher’s face after reading their story. While having fun, their goal is to keep on writing stories that can touch readers’ hearts.

Updated May 2021

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Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest VIII

Little Tokyo: City of Regeneration

22nd Century, Little Tokyo. Looking up at the falling snowflakes, I put my coat collar up and breathed into my hands. Some time ago, Tokio had told me that a century ago, it would have never snowed like this. Tokio is an AI that works at the Koban police box. Ever since this city decided to coexist with AI, Tokio seems to have been keeping an eye out on even the trivial of crimes to protect the safety of this city. At human age, Tokio should have already reached Kiju (age 77), but Tokio’s appearance was the same as mine in my late twenties. There was a time when the world was unsure …

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