Dmitri Ragano

Dmitri Ragano has wandered the world in his quest to become a story-teller. He grew up in Pittsburgh and lived in Japan for five years working as a journalist, translator, and technology consultant. He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Irvine. His latest novel is The Fugitive Grandma.

Updated November 2014

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Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest

The Guardians

The temple stood at the edge of Little Tokyo, its delicate roof and garden just beyond the harsh shadows of the surrounding urban landscape. Across the street was a warehouse with graffiti and iron bars on the windows. Beyond that, the gutters were littered with needles and glass pipes, the sidewalks teeming with lost souls searching for a home, searching for peace.

For generations, the denizens of Little Tokyo had labored to preserve the ways of their native land in a city filled with endless flux and struggle. That’s why many were surprised when a young woman became the caretaker …

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