Ernest Nagamatsu

Ernest lives in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. In addition to his dental practice, he writes from time to time for Historic Racing Magazines. Ernie has written the first cookbook on the food and cuisine of the Kingdom of Bhutan- “Foods of the Kingdom of Bhutan” and the book was for Charity and for the Bhutan Foundation in Bhutan.

Updated October 2014


Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest

Doka B-100

I would slowly make my journey each day along First Street from the Sun Building and each curb was becoming more of a challenge, as my limp seemed to be getting worse each year. It was the fall of 1954 in Nihonmachi of Los Angeles. I would always end my walk at the cavernous opening of the Taul Building and there was always a boisterous greeting from “Horse” who had the shoeshine stand to the left. The “bookies” would be standing along the left wall reading the Daily Turf, as they sometimes took bets from stopping cars. I would stop at “Sue’s” tiny …

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