Sean Miura

Sean Miura is a Los Angeles-based Yonsei writer and artist. He is the producer/curator of Little Tokyo’s Tuesday Night Cafe, a free Asian American art series. He blogs at and can be found on Twitter and Instagram as @seanmiura.

Updated April 2015

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Nikkei a Descoberto: uma coluna de poesia


Happy 2017, everyone! With quite the gripping year behind us, I find myself needing to look ahead from a grounded place and in order to do so, I look to all kinds of conversations and all forms of art. To fill up on inspiration, in the way we filled up on delicious food at my mother’s home on New Years Day, is how I’ve chosen to begin this January. As we celebrated the beginning of Nikkei Uncovered with Nisei poet Hiroshi Kashiwagi and Sansei poet Amy Uyematsu as our inaugural poets to the column, I am happy to highlight a younger voice with a piece by Sean Miura, a Yonsei artist …

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3 Minutes, Or However Long It Takes You

I had this fantasy last week where I decided I would get full nights of sleep seven nights in a row. This fantasy did not happen. Tuesday night was the season launch night for an outdoor art series I produce, meaning that the weeks leading up to it were filled with mental lists and last minute phone calls. Ten days prior the weather report said that it was possibly going to rain. Two days prior the weather report said that it was definitely going to rain. The 48 hours leading to the show was a giant rush of last minute coordination, map-making, logistic revision, and budgeting for dry spa…

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San Fransokyo

Last week was a big week for Big Hero 6. Not only did the film take home an Oscar, but its DVD and Blu-Ray releases hit stores Tuesday and owned the Best Sellers list on Amazon. I’d been anticipating Big Hero 6 since the first teaser slowly revealed a jaw-dropping rendering of San Fransokyo, the Tokyo/San Francisco hybrid that sets the stage. Though I am wary of any films that feature Asian…anything, there was a certain nostalgic familiarity in the Kingdom Hearts-style pan over the city. Setting aside my anticipation, I was unsure of what to expect. The film is a Disney flick f…

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Knowledge, Generosity, and Yuri Kochiyama

It is with a heavy heart and a reflective spirit that our community remembers and meditates on the life of Yuri Kochiyama. For over half a century, she has helped shape and redefine conversations around race, gender, and justice. It is Yuri’s active and generous practice—sharing knowledge and building deep solidarity—that has tied so many of us to her legacy. “Don’t become too narrow. Live fully. Meet all kinds of people. You’ll learn something from everyone.” —Yuri Kochiyama I first stepped into Sumi Pendakur’s office eight years ago.…

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