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Traci Kato-Kiriyama é uma artista, atriz, escritora, autora, educadora e organizadora de arte + comunidade, que divide o tempo e o espaço em seu corpo com base em gratidão, inspirada pela audácia e completamente insana - muitas vezes de uma só vez. Ela investiu apaixonadamente em vários projetos que incluem o Pull Project (PULL: Tales of Obsession); Generations Of War [Gerações de Guerra]; The Nikkei Network for Gender and Sexual Positivity [Rede Nikkei para Gênero e Positividade Sexual] (título em constante evolução); Kizuna; Budokan of LA; e é a diretora/co-fundadora do Projeto Tuesday Night e co-curadora de seu emblemático “Tuesday Night Cafe”. Ela está trabalhando em um segundo livro de escrita/poesia em sintonia com a sobrevivência, previsto para publicação no próximo ano pela Writ Large Press.

Atualizado em agosto de 2013

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Nikkei Uncovered: a poetry column


For the column’s inaugural post, we wanted to begin with the theme of place, location, and community and to highlight two veteran poets—Hiroshi Kashiwagi, Nisei poet based in San Francisco since 1962, and Amy Uyematsu, Sansei poet and native Angeleno. We are excited to begin with two writers who dedicate much of their creative focus and livelihood to poetry and who have had an influence on so many. Cheers to what their poetry uncovers…

traci kato-kiriyama

* * * * *

Born in Sacramento in 1922, writer and actor Hiroshi Kashiwagi was incarcerated at Tule Lake Segregation Center during …

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an homage for Yuri Kochiyama - read at the Los Angeles Memorial for Yuri on August 31, 2014

an homage for Yuri… 


You were 

the first stamp on the letter for the least likely to receive 

the last one to forget a face 

first finger at the light switch

the last one to leave

countless many hold their

“first time I met Yuri”


as if it happened yesterday

before meeting her

i didn’t understand

the meaning

of Star Struck

until my bones shook and

the skin on my arms shrieked

the day she walked in

from a sweltering J-Town afternoon

to rest at Alison’s desk

i was 20 years old

an intern for Karen at …

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Oldest-and-Still-Running-Asian-American Blah Blah Blah...

If you’ve heard about a thing called “Tuesday Night Cafe” you might have heard this line: 

“We’re one of the longest-running, free, public art+community series in Downtown L.A. and the oldest-and-still-running Asian American-run open mic space in the country…”


What does that even mean?

After saying that at a recent TNC celebrating several kick ass LA-based AAPI LGBTIQ organizations, it made me pause and take a look back…

I remember the word way back when —> They said J-Town was dying. It was 1998…but, that was also a constant sentiment throughout the decades after WWII, well before …

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