Laurel Fujisawa

Laurel Fujisawa is a third generation Japanese American living in Chicago and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Chicago Japanese American Historical Society. She has a lifelong passion for textiles which is reflected in her extensive collection of vintage and antique kimono and Japanese fabrics, concentrating on the Taisho era.

Updated July 2009

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Building the Timeline ... Re-connecting to Community

Growing up as a Sansei in Chicago, I didn’t hear much about the internment camps and the postwar resettlement from the Issei and Nisei in my family. It seemed they never wanted to talk about it. They were more interested in getting on with their lives, never looking back. Once in awhile, Dad would reminisce about growing up in Fresno, California, about Italian bakeries, Redwood forests, and the taste of fruit fresh off the trees, which of course, are much better than anything you can find in the Midwest. But not a word about Pearl Harbor, the evacuation, the internment camp in Jerome wh…

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