Spencer Fujimoto

Spencer Fujimoto is a fifth generation Japanese American pro skateboarder and now company owner of El Señor. His great grandmother and grandfather were born on a Kauai plantation. His grandfather was in the 442nd RCT and a Mormon and his grandmother was illegally imprisoned at Tule Lake internment camp. Spencer moved out of New York City to live in Honolulu where he enjoys living as one of the Asian majority. 

Updated November 2020

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Nikkei Chronicles #9—More Than a Game: Nikkei Sports

Stranger Skater From Nowhere

October 31, 2020

Wow, lost the first draft…

So going to write in one sitting.

Technology and me… I am more of an analog guy.

In typical skateboard fashion I started this project the last day, in the 11th hour…

I am “gosei” meaning 5th generation in Japanese, in western culture it would be considered 4th generation Japanese American, or just “Chinese, chinaman, or respectfully, chino.” I got sponsored in 1989, turned pro in ’95, retired from pro-skateboarding in 2003, and did a variety of the New York hustles to maintain. Now, my wife and I …

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