BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20050416T000000Z DTEND:20050417T000000Z DESCRIPTION:[inline:1]\n<b><a href=" visions.html">ReVISIONS: Reclaiming\, Reviving\, Reinventing</a>\nNikkei Y outh Conference\nFriday-Saturday\, April 16-17\, 2005</b>\nJapanese Americ an National Museum\n369 E. First St.\, Los Angeles CA\n\nThe title and pur pose of ReVISIONS lie in the hope that today's Nikkei youth can reclaim\, revive\, and reinvent the definitions of "Nikkei youth" and the "Japanese American community." This conference will encourage young adults at the hi gh school and college age level to critically think about the current stat us of the JA community and to then form their personal goals as well as a collective vision for the future. \n\nThe mission of ReVISIONS is to bring together Japanese American youth from across the country to redefine the Nikkei community of today and form visions for tomorrow. This will be acco mplished by:\n\n<ul><li>Building relationships between the youth and the d ifferent sectors within and outside the Nikkei community\,\n</li><li>Exami ning the Japanese American history and correlating present day events with the past\,\n</li><li>And providing the youth opportunities to participate and/or become involved in the community.\n</li></ul>\n\nIn 2001\, dozens of young adults from across California united together to organize a natio nwide Nikkei youth conference. With a tremendous amount of support from th e Japanese American (JA) community they were able to accomplish their goal and in April of that year Spectrum was held in Little Tokyo\, California. The event brought in over one hundred participants from across the countr y. Together\, these young men and women created a dialogue\, generated an outline of issues and concerns\, and\, most importantly\, created a voice for the youth of the Nikkei community. Now\, in 2005\, we\, members of the Intercollegiate Nikkei Council (INC) are working to reawaken that voice t hrough ReVISIONS.\n\nFor full conference details\, including schedule and late registration information\, visit the <a href="http://www.nikkeiyouth. org/revisions/revisions.html">conference website</a>. SUMMARY:ReVISIONS Nikkei Youth Conference\, April 16-17\, Los Angeles URL:/en/events/2005/04/16/revisions-nikkei-youth-conference-april-16-17-los -/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR