BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20240609T000000Z DTEND:20240609T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>Sunday\, June 9th\, 2024 | 1:00 - 5:00 pm | Templeton S econdary School\, Vancouver\nTickets: $15-30\, sliding scale. $5 for child ren under 12\nAvailable online until June 5 with limited availability at t he door</strong>\n<a href=" tfestivalsociety/1248120" target="_blank">Buy Tickets Now</a>\n\nJoin us o n Sunday\, June 9\, 2024 for an amateur sumo tournament hosted by Sumo Sun days and the Powell Street Festival Society.\n\nThis inaugural event takes place ahead of the annual tournament at Powell Street Festival\, offering an afternoon of family-friendly sumo in the comforts of a seated venue. S pectators will have the opportunity to watch three brackets featuring comp etitors of all body sizes and experiences from Vancouver and Seattle in an open-gender format. Come witness the growing and vibrant sumo scene in th e Pacific Northwest! \n\nRelated link: <a href=" sho" target="_blank"></a>\n<a href="http://sumosundays .ca/basho" target="_blank"></a>\n<em>Thank you to Fujiya Japanese Foods an d Mikado Martial Arts for making this event possible. </em>\n<em></em>\nA bout Sumo Sundays:\n\nSumo Sundays is a monthly drop-in for folks interest ed in learning sumo wrestling techniques. Founded in 2022\, our goal is to make a space inclusive of all bodies and experiences. This means no gende red matches and no experience to participate is necessary. Outside of our monthly drop-ins\, we work with Powell Street Festival to organize the ann ual sumo tournament and exhibition\, as well as occasional workshops and e vents with community organizations. Learn more at <a href="http://sumosun" target="_blank"></a>. \n\n<strong>Why organize th is tournament? How is this different from the event at Powell Street Festi val? </strong>\n\nFor over 40 years\, an annual sumo tournament and exhib ition has taken place at Powell Street Festival. As the tradition has been passed on from the original Sumo Fun Club to festival organizers and now slowly to the Sumo Sundays crew\, we’re constantly learning [how to work shop the event]. Due to timing\, this event is limited to less than an hou r and takes place outside with limited seating. However\, it also draws on e of the largest crowds at the festival.  \n\nHosting an indoor tourname nt will allow spectators to watch in a more comfortable environment. We’ ll also be able to offer more opportunities for competitors to spar and wo rk on formatting ideas to bring to Powell Street Festival. \n\n<strong>Wh o will be competing? Can I participate? </strong>\n\nAt this time\, compe titors will be participating on an advanced registration\, invitation-basi s. All competitors are either regular attendees of Sumo Sundays\, have par ticipated in the Powell Street Festival or train in their local community.  \n\nIf you’re interested in competing at Powell Street Festival\, this year’s exhibition will take place on Sunday\, Aug. 4\, 2024. Registrati on is free and on a first-come\, first-serve basis on the day-of. More det ails to be released closer to the event.\n\nTo learn or practice sumo\, Su mo Sundays offers monthly drop-in sessions available to the public. In Jul y\, we will be offering low-cost workshops for adults\, children and teens sponsored by  Powell Street Festival.\n\n<a href="https://www.tickettail\;sh ow_search_filter=true&amp\;show_date_filter=true&amp\;show_sort=true" targ et="_blank">Click here to buy tickets</a>\n<a href="https://www.tickettail" target="_blank">Sell tickets online with Ticket Tai lor</a> DTSTAMP:20240715T114229Z SUMMARY:2024 Vancouver Basho: Amateur Sumo Exhibition URL:/en/events/2024/06/09/2024-vancouver-basho-amateur-sumo-exhibition/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR