BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20211101T000000Z DTEND:20211115T000000Z DESCRIPTION:The 13th Annual Kokoro Craft Show is virtual again this year! A lthough the pandemic has prevented the in-person Kokoro Craft Show from oc curring two years in a row\, there will be more than 60 vendors this year\ , most of whom are new.\n\n<strong>Shoppers can begin viewing vendor’s p roducts on November 1 for two weeks at the new website\, <a href="https:/ /" target="_blank"></a>.</stron g>  During this special shopping period\, buy products from the vendor d irectly and write “Kokoro2021” on all your orders. Organized annually by volunteers at JANM\, Kokoro2021 proceeds benefit JANM’s educational a nd cultural programs.\n\nKeep an eye on the Kokoro <a href="https://kokor" target="_blank">website</a>\, <a href="https://www.insta" target="_blank">Instagram</a>\, and <a href="ht tps://" target="_blank">1st and Central JANM Blog</a> pages for upcoming vendor spotlights.\n\n<em>New opportunity!</e m> Be recognized as a JANM and Kokoro supporter! Become a Sponsor at any donation amount! Visit the <a href=" donations-2/" target="_blank">Kokoro sponsors</a> page for more informati on.\n\n<strong>VENDORS</strong> \n6 Degrees of Hapa • Alohi Images Maui • Alyson Iwamoto Ceramics • Bansai8 Creations • BIZU • Boy Cherie Jewelry  • Cato Crafts • Color Conscious • Creative Handcrafted Gi fts • DaTojos • Designs by Eemabeth • Dr. Nancy’s Felted Pets • Emi Ink • Flying Plumtree Studio • Harvest Land • Hug a Sumo • imo riknits • JapaneseYa • Katherine M Ragghianti • Kayoko Designs • K elley’s Kookies • Kiobi Designs • Kirei Cositas • Kotas Kreations • Laura Ann’s Jams • Ling-Yen Designs • Little Craft Shack • Mad ame Sakura Crafts • masako boissonnault • Mi So Happi • Nakashima Fi ne Arts • Nami Creations • Norman Lurie Pottery • Oak Street Design • orangeheat • Pomegranate Designs • Sakai Harts &amp\; Crafts • S alvagedHealing • Santa Barbara Soups • Sente • sewKimono • Silky H ut • Simmisu Paper Co • Simply Sown • Sixtyeightcolors • SOLSISS J ewelry • Some Mo Crafts • Stacy Wong • STORY SPARK • Studio Engrav ers • Sun &amp\; Lace • Susan Griffin Designs • Sushi Clock • Suzy e Ogawa Designs • Tenuiya • Tierra Murra • TLC Quilting • Tome Cer amics •Whimsical Charm • Wilcox • Wong Creations • YellowRose Acce ssories • Zazu Faure/Los Angeles\n\nFor more information\, visit <a hre f="" target="_blank"></ a> or email the JANM volunteers at\n\n<em>Orga nized by the Friends of JANM.</em> DTSTAMP:20240615T142632Z SUMMARY:Kokoro2021—Virtual Craft Show URL:/en/events/2021/11/01/kokoro2021virtual-craft-show/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR